Friday, 27 April 2012

Ending Edible April

I have had a great time doing an EDIBLE series this month.  I have applied the loose and experimental elements used in my florals to create fun fruit paintings Lemon Fresh, This Years's Jam and On The Vine which I hope you liked. 
This Pomegranate piece was inspired by seeing such an amazingly fruit laden tree in country town Auburn in the Clare Valley last week whilst on holidays. Ian took some nice close up shots but also came away with one lovely REAL Pomegranate for my reference material.

I have a busy time at the moment painting of a different kind, the great new Art gallery due to open in Goolwa on June 1st has needed a refurbishment and I have found painting walls no where near as fun as painting my watercolours but it will be worth it when it is done


Sunday, 22 April 2012

Down Under

We have  just spent a lovely few days relaxing in the beautiful Clare Valley with great friends and I have come home refreshed and enthused to get back to my art. 
The day before we left our unusual visitor to the river was back swimming around at the end of our jetty, inspired by his diving antics I painted him with artistic license and left it to dry on my bench. On my return from Clare I was delighted with the result and can see he is in fact the cheeky fellow that has been catching fish, tossing them about and mostly giving us plenty to smile about

Down Under

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Practice, Practice

After feeling so tired from preparing for April exhibitions I took a few days off from painting. I have now picked up my brushes again but have just tried to have fun and be relaxed about my art. Sometimes being faced with that sheet of white paper is daunting so after choosing a theme"EDIBLE" I painted lemons, plums and grapes. 
This Year's Jam
Lemon Fresh
On the Vine

I have also conquered another challenge and that is to paint bigger, this Gladioli painting was a great choice as the lovely long stems lent themselves well to painting a taller than my usual size work, in fact twice the size. Gladioli have always been a favorite flower for me as they look so great on the kitchen bench but they seem to be available for such a short time so after buying a lovely bunch at Easter time I am glad I was able to paint them before their glory was over.

Glorious Glads

Monday, 2 April 2012

April Shines

What a fantastic day yesterday with the opening of two exhibitions. Sunday morning we had an 11am opening in the lovely gallery at Ibis Garden Centre with lots of attendees who were not only treated to a great selection of artwork to view from 18 artists but also a lovely devonshire morning tea.
In the afternoon at 2pm I attended the opening at Off the Slate Gallery in Willunga. This is my first exhibition with them and I have six paintings now hanging there.  
I now have these works on my Exhibition page and I have also updated my Gallery page. 
Thank you to my family and friends who travelled and attended both openings it was very much appreciated.

I have more exciting opportunities coming up with the news that Goolwa is to have a new Artists Cooperative Gallery opening on the 1st June  called ART@GOOLWA and I have been selected as one of the member Artists so I will now have two permanent exhibitions for my watercolours. This will keep me very busy coming up with fresh exciting work as both Galleries will have several new exhibitions each year. I will add more detailed information about this exciting new Gallery over the next few weeks.
Ibis Garden Centre Gallery

Off the Slate Gallery