Thursday, 12 April 2012

Practice, Practice

After feeling so tired from preparing for April exhibitions I took a few days off from painting. I have now picked up my brushes again but have just tried to have fun and be relaxed about my art. Sometimes being faced with that sheet of white paper is daunting so after choosing a theme"EDIBLE" I painted lemons, plums and grapes. 
This Year's Jam
Lemon Fresh
On the Vine

I have also conquered another challenge and that is to paint bigger, this Gladioli painting was a great choice as the lovely long stems lent themselves well to painting a taller than my usual size work, in fact twice the size. Gladioli have always been a favorite flower for me as they look so great on the kitchen bench but they seem to be available for such a short time so after buying a lovely bunch at Easter time I am glad I was able to paint them before their glory was over.

Glorious Glads