Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Pink for a Girl

My beautiful first grandchild Matilda Rose was born on June 14th 2012. This is my first watercolour completed since this exciting time had taken over my focus. I am now able to once again apply myself to my art and have already found that a break away from my brushes might be good for the rest and allows for a fresh mind but it then takes time to regain the confidence and technique required for painting in watercolour.

Pink for a Girl

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

New Exhibition at Willunga

Willunga Blossom

An opportunity to refresh my exhibition at the
Off the Slate Gallery. New work is on show from tomorrow and will run for the next couple of months. I have included some of my latest work including this Almond Blossom painting called Willunga Blossom. You can see my chosen works for the new exhibition on my page above called In Galleries

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Bright and Cheery

I have already framed this painting of a basket of Pelargonium and hung it on my studio wall immediately.
I glance up at it often as it is so bright and cheery so even if it is raining, blowing like crazy outside and freezing cold it is warming to look at. 
I chose this subject from my walk around Riga in Latvia which is the chosen location on Virtual Paintout for June. There are lots of cafes and restaurants with baskets of flowers framing their doorways or outdoor eating areas and you can see here where I stopped and took my reference for my painting. I may get the chance to do another from Latvia before the months end but I am eagerly awaiting that special phone call to say I am to be a first time grandmother any time now so my painting will certainly be second fiddle then and from time to time in the future no doubt.

After this weekend my first exhibition of work at Off the Slate comes to an end and I need to choose another 5 or 6 works to be hung for the new exhibition. This is a good way of keeping the gallery fresh and interesting to locals as they love to pop in and keep up with all the new art on show and gives the artist the opportunity to show newer work. 

I am at Off the Slate Gallery at Willunga on this Public holiday Monday11th June from 10am to 4pm so if you get a chance to pop in I would love to see you

Monday, 4 June 2012

What an Opening!

Wow, ART@GOOLWA Inc launched yesterday at 2pm with more than 250 people attending and the crowd spilled out onto the lawn. 
We had a hugely successful afternoon with many art pieces sold.
I am pleased to say that a Doctor purchased my Fish painting "School's Out" because she said it looked so much like the sea below when she scuba dives and she loved the loose way I use watercolours.

Now the Gallery has been launched I can get back to concentrating on my own artwork. I usually paint everyday and during the last few weeks I have gone far too long without having the time to do this.

Iconic Landscape

I did paint this loose landscape last week using in fact a surprise reference in that a garden about a 1km down the road from us on the river had successfully grown some Sturt Desert Pea and this caused some fellow artists to ring me and suggest I paint them. I have put them into a more expected landscape scene but have used my loose technique in my application.