Monday, 30 July 2012

Spring Around the Corner

Have been busy painting with thoughts of "Springtime" with inspiration from a lovely bunch of tulips that have lasted for more than 10 days and a cheery bunch of daffodils.

Tulip Time

Springtime Coming

Cherry Berry Fresh

and to really brighten up the Wintery days -                      Berries and Cherries, I started with just one strawberry in the middle and with no predetermined plan added in an organic fashion out from there- isn't organically grown fruit a good choice?

Monday, 16 July 2012

Friend or Foe

Two paintings that fall into this catch phrase. 

Looking at Me

The friendly Alpaca amongst the sheep, there to ward off the foxes. 
We have lots of Alpacas not to far from us and Ian shot some great photos last week at Mt. Compass as we passed through on our way home. There are paddocks full in all colours so I had my choice of a model using his shots as my reference and painted this back in the studio. I hope to return there in the better weather and actually paint them en plein air. I intend on working on some more and my goal is to try and actually paint them in a much looser style.

Bloom or Not

The Arum Lily is a declared weed in some parts of the country but to flower lovers like me they are just another wonderful bloom to have in a vase and also for me a delight to paint. I struggle to leave flowers alone and work on other subjects but I feel lost if I don't have a flower painting on the go. Not sure I will ever get them out of my system as there are simply thousands and thousands of species to keep me going forever!

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Enjoying the Challenge

Thai Orchids

This is my entry for this months Virtual Paintout challenge. Artist Bill Guffey has chosen Thailand and we are allowed to paint whatever we like as long as we have used Google street view to find our inspired subject. I walked the streets of Bangkok and further afield and found many hanging pots of Orchids.

I have completed a second July challenge already as I am enjoying getting back into my art. This Still Life was a set challenge for a watercolour group called Create 38.
Still Life Limes
Each month a member sets a subject or theme and those that wish to take up the challenge paint and we share our results and critique. Members are from all over the world and this is where the internet really can help you be in touch with like minded people no matter where you are located. I set up this favorite jug on our kitchen bench, using limes from our garden in a fancy glass bowl given to us many years ago by Ians mother. The challenges really help you step out of your comfort zone and try something new and for me this meant using drawing and more precise follow the sketch painting - something I do not do these days much at all as I thoroughly enjoy using watercolours with no preliminary sketch most of the time.