Monday, 27 August 2012

Fleurieu Flora

I spend too much time thinking about all the wonderful subjects I love to paint and wish I could just get on with it but often my mind is so full of ideas I have to let them wonder around in my head until one inspiration overtakes and jumps out begging to be painted right now! 
Last week I  chose two subjects that reflect the wonderful scenery and life here on the Fleurieu Peninsula. Our gulf waters have lots of plant life and some of it is pretty enough to inspire a floral painter like me and I painted the brightly coloured sea fans found in the ocean. 
My second floral this past week has been jumping around in my head for some time.When I drive to Off the Slate Gallery in Willunga a couple of times a month and go down the really steep Willunga hill, there is a valley that has a creek surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of arum lily and I just adore the shape of these blooms. I hope you enjoy both these paintings and now I have shared them I must get back to my brushes for the next idea to jump out!

Life in the Gulf

Lily of Willunga Valley

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Latest Exhibitions

Off the Slate Gallery in Willunga is busy hanging its new exhibition which opens on Wednesday 22nd August. I have updated my In Galleries page here showing the paintings I will have hanging over the next few weeks. The entire gallery is refreshed with new pieces from every artist and I find it always exciting to see the gallery for the first time when the exhibit is complete. 

I am also exhibiting this coming Sunday August 26th at Sala on Sale Marquee on King William road Hyde Park. The exhibit opens at 10am thru to 4pm. I have selected some of my recent favorite pieces to show at this event.

Inspired by the lovely gardens found in Richmond Tasmania, using google street view I found many rose bushes to choose from and settled on using a climbing white rose found in a front garden in a pretty little street called St. Johns Circle. 
This will be framed in my usual choice of white with soft white double matting which will complement the colour palette of this work very nicely and I enjoy seeing the finished work on my studio wall.
The finished size framed will be 77cm x 56cm
Here is the map link if you would like to see where I stopped to do my "virtual painting" 
Richmond Roses

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

The Apple Isle

This months Virtual Paintout location where we use google street view to tour the world is none other than close to home - good old Tasmania. I have toured Tasmania twice and both times enjoyed the beautiful scenery, wonderful food and its wealth of history. 
As you all know by now my art, 99% of the time, is floral themed and what better subject to choose this time but Apples asTassie is widely referred to as the Apple Isle. 
Using Google street view I found in Sassafrass apple orchards for my painting - I then freely created a composition, again no pre drawing, just using paint directly in my organic style . The texture for the background and leaves came from using cling film and salt.
click on image to enlarge
Organic Grown

A Tassie Creek
This is another Tasmania street view painting - from a location on the Arthur Highway Sorell, this is done with watercolour but on a plastic type product called Yupo. It was very interesting to use for the first time as the paint does not soak in but dries on the top and until it does it slides all over the place, the colours remain very vibrant because they are sitting only on the surface!

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

SALA has Started

Exhibitions statewide during August showcasing a diverse range of art

SALA is special to me as it was exactly 12 months ago that I cautiously ventured into showing my art to the public for the very first time by participating in our local art group SALA exhibition resulting in making not one but four sales which was incredibly exciting.

Now in 2012 I am participating as an artist in two SALA events
ART@GOOLWA with a special afternoon on Saturday August 11th from 1pm when music will be performed by ensemble musicians from Pembroke School. The gallery has had a refresh especially for SALA- "New Visions" exhibition is open 11-4pm 7 days

Secondly I am exhibiting in SALA ON SALE Artist Marquee
a one day event on the closing day Sunday August 26th 10am-4pm at the Hyde Park Tavern end of King William Road Hyde Park. This is a great opportunity for my city followers to see my latest work right on their doorstep. Not sure what paintings I will include as I am busy painting big - at least for me as I continue to paint on watercolour half sheet size. 
The two Poppy paintings here are a result of my practise the last few days. Painting bigger works requires a new set of skills so I am putting in a lot of hours again in my studio but loving every minute.  
Growing Wild

Wild about Poppies

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Going Green

Have just completed an online class over 3 weeks with US artist Vinita Pappas called Going Green.
This appealed to me on two levels, firstly as I am predominately a flower artist green is such an integral colour and mixing green can be quite tricky. It is never recommended to just use green from a tube as the colour never reads true in your work so mixing is very important. Secondly Vinita is a wonderful artist and inspiring instructor who I first met (online)  more than a year ago when I was looking for some specialist tutelage in watercolour - not so easily found in my region of the country but thanks to the internet I was able to participate in a class group run from Oregon USA. 
This is my final piece applying new knowledge gained during the workshop. It is 57cm x 39cm and when framed will finish up at around 77cm x 57cm which is twice the size of my normal work. I have used just three colours, Indigo, Hansa Yellow Deep and Alizarin Crimson to create these magnolia blooms - organically of course with just one bloom for reference
(click on image to see larger)
Magnolia Blooms