Tuesday, 7 August 2012

SALA has Started

Exhibitions statewide during August showcasing a diverse range of art

SALA is special to me as it was exactly 12 months ago that I cautiously ventured into showing my art to the public for the very first time by participating in our local art group SALA exhibition resulting in making not one but four sales which was incredibly exciting.

Now in 2012 I am participating as an artist in two SALA events
ART@GOOLWA with a special afternoon on Saturday August 11th from 1pm when music will be performed by ensemble musicians from Pembroke School. The gallery has had a refresh especially for SALA- "New Visions" exhibition is open 11-4pm 7 days

Secondly I am exhibiting in SALA ON SALE Artist Marquee
a one day event on the closing day Sunday August 26th 10am-4pm at the Hyde Park Tavern end of King William Road Hyde Park. This is a great opportunity for my city followers to see my latest work right on their doorstep. Not sure what paintings I will include as I am busy painting big - at least for me as I continue to paint on watercolour half sheet size. 
The two Poppy paintings here are a result of my practise the last few days. Painting bigger works requires a new set of skills so I am putting in a lot of hours again in my studio but loving every minute.  
Growing Wild

Wild about Poppies

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