Monday, 10 September 2012

Delight in Spring

How lovely it is today - a truly beautiful spring day here on the fleurieu. I have these past few days completed some of my September projects. 
My online watercolour friends set a challenge this month called "transition", you can use this to apply in any way you choose so for me I chose the transition from winter to spring. I painted the plum tree outside my back door which has now come into full bloom from our lovely spring weather but it caught my eye to paint when I first saw the start of the lovely white blossom appear heralding the end of winter.
Spring is Here
This next painting is my challenge to capture the sweet delicate orchid blooms on the beautiful plant I purchased a couple of weeks ago. It is one mass of tiny orchid blooms and I have had a couple of attempts to capture them as I wish and this one I feel I have achieved my goal. Painting white flowers is always a challenge as in watercolour we leave the white of the paper and then form the blooms using local colours from the background and stems
Sweet Orchid Blooms

Woodland in Zealand

I always try to participate in the Virtual Paintout monthly challenge. I enjoy walking the streets of the chosen location using google street view to seek an inspiration and then do a painting. This month the chosen place is the island of Zealand, Denmark. At first I thought it was New Zealand but when I realised it was somewhere I had never been to it was fun to travel down the streets and lanes as if I was really there. I had difficulty finding anything floral, at least anywhere I looked, so settled on a woodland area. This is my landscape using my map reference 


  1. As we are about to enter fall in my part of the world, it is just so lovely to see your enthusiasm for spring about to start. Your paintings really reflect your feelings, Lorraine. So professional, too.

  2. Gorgeous work Lorraine especially the woods. Lots of atmosphere and light with great natural shapes too.

  3. Thanks Terry and Laura, it is wonderful to share work with artists from the other side of the world as we are guaranteed of permanent variety with thanks for our different seasons happening at opposite times


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