Sunday, 2 September 2012

Temperature Change

When viewing art we are all attracted and intrigued by different elements. For me colours seem to be a crucial ingredient for whether I like a painting or not. This has been evident this past week as I jump from one temperature "hot" to another "cool" in my colour choices. 

Sunflowers we saw in abundance when we traveled through the south of France on holiday, they were prematurely dry for the time of year because of an extended heatwave. 
Extreme opposite temperature in the daisy paintings, I have used the same cool choices of colours for both but experimented with portrait and landscape compositions. 

I have also been experimenting with YUPO a synthetic, water resistant paper that seems an odd surface to paint on for a watercolourist as we use so much water with our pigment - the result is more vibrant colours due to the water finally( after some hours) evaporating and the pigment remains sitting on top of the paper. This paper would suit some subjects more than others and I used it for an underwater scene

Daisy Faces
Hot and Rustic

Fresh as a Daisy
Watercolour on Yupo


  1. All of them very nice Lorraine - particularly the daisies

  2. I love the daisies too Lorraine, I couldn't agree more about colour choices and how it impacts our view of painting and I think I must refer cooler colours as they always seem to draw me in.

  3. Thanks Sharon and Judith I appreciate your comments, glad you like the daisies- new day so wonder what my subject will be today?


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