Thursday, 4 October 2012

Three Challenges

I don't always share my paintings on my blog for various reasons - simply I do too many, I also have lots of failures, some I like but not sure if they are good enough etc. The journey I am on is such a roller coaster ride of highs and lows from elation, disappointment and everything in between. When I wake in the morning I am already thinking about painting. I fuss around a bit before I start as beginning always makes me anxious. Looking at that white piece of paper and wondering already what my endeavors will bring. Once I get going I am fully immersed and the experience is wonderful and I push on with the intention of course that my end result will be pleasing. When it is - oh boy do I feel good, when it isn't - well I just have to get a handle on how this makes me feel because with watercolour as my chosen medium I am going to have many paintings where they have a mind of their own and in more control than I am!
I am sharing these three challenges - 

Happy Memories
The first is the October challenge from my facebook friends Create38 and it was "Bridges". I have not painted much from our Italy travel last year so thought it was about time I did and this is so out of my comfort zone that it really was a challenge for me. I am pleased with my result given my lack of experience in this subject area

Kens Roses

The next two challenges I made for myself - My neighbour Ken has the most amazing display of peach coloured roses and though I have painted them a few times I have never been happy with my result. I try and paint loose where I can and with roses I find this does not come easily to me so I thought why not try them on YUPO as my expectations of the result is not known or expected as it is with watercolour paper so perhaps I can just have fun and see where the flow takes me. The results are even more unique on this surface and certainly unrepeatable!

Blowy in the Channel

I also experimented on Yupo to capture the view I had last Saturday morning whilst reading the paper in bed- yachts went sailing by on their way up the river and once again I have not found boats easy to do (such a shame as they are outside my front door) so having no expectations and forced to be loose on this slippery surface I am quite pleased with my finished piece. Painting outside ones comfort zone is the only way to grow and improve as an artist and finding ways to do this is the biggest challenge.


  1. Lovely all three Lorraine. Sometimes it is good to do something out the comfort zone to stretch ourselves. Just wish I could pull it off as well as you... :-)

  2. Thanks Laura for taking time to comment its lovely to share the watercolour journey we are both on


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