Saturday, 24 November 2012

Negative Painting

No not negative as in being negative but painting negative means bringing out a subject by painting what is around it instead of painting the subject itself.

Beyond the Clearing
Painting size 10"x 8"

I have practised this with two pieces. The first I have entered as my monthly challenge piece for Virtual Paintout which the location for November is New Brunswick in Canada. I did a fair bit of wandering around and found some parts not dissimilar to my part of the world here. There was a lot of tree lined highways and roads and I settled on using trees to improve my negative painting skills. It is not as easy as it looks and you really have to get your mind in focus to get a reasonable result.
This is not a painting as such but a study piece and I feel I learnt lots today.

The second piece is a large size 15"x 22.5" and was a good exericse in negative painting. I used a painting I started last week where I splashed around colour and applied some clingfilm and then never got back to it. Today I looked at the result and was going to toss it in the bin  as I was not entirely happy with it but then I thought well you need the practise try something. I had these three funny purple blue sections where I applied the clingfilm and I thought why not turtles! I have deliberately used limited colours and relied on negatively painting around the shapes and created the fish the same way. I think it is a bit funky and a fun piece

Turtle Blues
Painting size 15" x 22.5"
I would also like to thank all my followers who take the time to look at my art and read my blog articles and to those who leave feedback comments they are so welcomed.

I have this week done little other painting but have spent quite some hours setting up a website and you can find the link to it on the pages tab at the top of this page or here


  1. Hello Lorraine:) Your forrest painting is beautiful. It has something special, a bit abstract. Love it! Your turtles are stunning. Lovely effects from the clingfilm. The "under water look" is beautiful and the turtles are so cute!
    Have a nice sunday:)

  2. Thank you Renate - your kind comments are so appreciated. I have taken a look at your paintings too and you have some lovely pieces, you too have a lovely weekend

  3. You have such excellent results with clingfilm, and your artistic license to create results in some really fabulous works, Lorraine.

  4. Thanks Terry, I love that you have to be creative working with the result of this process and subjects are endless that will work with it


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