Saturday, 10 November 2012

The Percentage Game

I use “percentage” to measure all means of my day. 
When I wake with a clear head I say hooray this will be a 100% day today When I wake with one of my dreaded headaches and that nausea that accompanies it  I sigh and say yuk 70% today. I still paint even when I am in a 70% zone and whilst being creative I do not even think about my aching head.
It occurred to me today that I have now included my painting in my percentage assessments and it goes like this:
Inspiration to paint 100%
Choose a subject 100%
Goal to enjoy process 100%
Goal of expected satisfaction 80%

You may wonder why I do not aim for total satisfaction – simply to even end up with 80% would make me over the moon, I would have huge satisfaction with this rating as I know I would have learnt lots and be able to see where I could have done something differently and will keep that in mind next time.  I will never aim for 100% as I am not painting a photo realistic piece of art but aim to capture the essence of my subject with my colour choice in an expressive way bringing it to life as I make my marks on the paper. If I succeed in this then I am satisfied… for now!

When I set up to start this painting I aimed for my 80%. After about 30mins I was still heading for the 80%, 1 hour later maybe 75% and by the time I finished if I am honest I would say 70%. This doesn't mean I am not happy in fact I am pleased as a while back my percentage of satisfaction would have been 50%!

30cm x56cm
before matting & framing

Hollyhocks composed from 1 stem of real life - 
Ian and I lunched on Friday at a gorgeous French cafe in Willunga
 "La Terre"  Cafe & Jardinage -not only superb food but also a wonderful show of hollyhocks and cheeky me asked as I was ordering our meal whether I could take a stem home to paint. Oui!


  1. I like your gumption to ask for that hollyhock, Lorraine. An inspired painting! So sorry about those headaches, though.

    1. Thanks Terry for reading this, have suffered with headaches for some years but they are on the improve.I am always inspired to paint when I have a real bloom in front of me so I guess this won't be the last time I ask for a sample!

  2. Great blog, Lorraine.
    Also a good concept with the long as the enthusiasm is right up there and expectations set aside, you're going to have a good day.
    may I ask a question? I noticed on Judith farnworth's blog, also a favourite, that you are getting into brusho. I tried to order a starter kit from Amazon.UK, but they wouldn't send it to my addressDubbo). Where did you order your set from please?

    Happy brushstrokes,

  3. Thanks for stopping by Mike and for your kind comment about my blog. My starter kit has just arrived but I am a long way from understanding how to use it successfully. I bought it on ebay from the UK here is the link

  4. Esto me parece estar al 110 %. Ciao


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