Wednesday, 30 January 2013

She'll be Right

Juice Me
Painting size 15" x 11"

Well here we are at the end of January already and I feel 2013 is moving too fast. There are some opportunities for exhibiting in the next three months and I find myself wondering how I will manage along with my two gallery commitments as new work is required there in March and April too. Sometimes I feel stressed when I think about this and then when I am happy with a couple of paintings in a row I think to myself "she'll be right". I aim to try and have pieces to enter in exhibitions as otherwise what do we do with all this art if we don't get it out there. I have completed some more animal portraits this past week and for variety of painting technique also played around with creating something from my imagination. This one will join my edible collection

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Timing is Everything

Photo from Chester Zoo
facebook page
Well here I am again when only a few days ago I said I wanted to paint and not blog frequently but I just needed to write this post and include my inspired painting.
Timing in watercolour is everything as my fellow watercolourists know only too well but this week I painted one of the Asian Elephants from the Chester Zoo in England with reference material courtesy of Caroline Williams an English photographer. See her lovely work on her facebook page
Caroline Williams Photography
Timing of another kind was to do this painting this week as a new baby elephant has been born to one of the elephants in the zoo just a day after I finished. Of course I did not know this at the time I was painting or even if the images I referred from were even the mother in calf but even so
 "how beautiful"

A Kind Eye
Painting size 15" x 181/2"

Monday, 21 January 2013

Last of the Cherries

Last of the Cherries
Painting size 15"x 11"

I have been trying to add a Cherry painting to my edibles collection but have not been happy with my results until this creation. This painting was completed after eating the last of our box of Christmas Cherries which I teamed with a delicious chocolate cake for desert when friends came for lunch last week. I took my time (well more time for me) and let some layers dry before adding more paint and whilst I could have been a little more patient I was able to keep some freshness in the fruit colours. 

I don't really make new year resolutions but I wish I could add patience in letting paint dry between layers as an important one to keep.
For this piece I used my imagination to create the feel of a few cherries left on the tree

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Energising Power

If you judge my painting output by my blog posts you may think I am not doing much but I would prefer to blog about once a week so that I am not tied to my computer when I could have a brush in my hand. I choose a painting to post that has kept me inspired or used a different technique and one that I am happy with the finished piece.
I have been experimenting recently painting subjects that I don't meet in my daily life using  reference photos. This I call painting a subject whereas I call creating a painting when I use my entire imagination to make up a composition, choose colours - often not associated with the subject and paint a pleasing work.
My biggest thrill comes from the total creation of a piece but both ways of working require brush stroke skills but one requires good observation and the other a good imagination. It is nice to have this variety to call upon so when I am using the reference method I am almost guaranteed a reasonable outcome as long as I observe well whereas I can be quite zapped when I use the creating method with a lot of hit and miss results.
I hope as I journey on my love of creation will always be stronger than painting a subject but it is necessary to get pleasing results amongst the misses so that you are jumping to get into the studio each morning.
This painting from reference courtesy of Gary Jones wildlife photographer gave me energised power this week
Painting Size 16"x12"

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Holiday Over

Well for me it is definitely back into it as the new year starts with the very busy annual art exhibition in Victor Harbor "Rotary Art Show 2013". Entires are delivered on Monday and the exhibition opens on Friday January 11th and runs through until Saturday January 19th. Last year was the first time I entered paintings and was thrilled to have two sold with my Mixed Bunch snapped up at the afternoon preview. I have made my selection of three works and hope they will be accepted for hanging.
I encourage any South Australians to come to Victor Harbor during the show as there are about 1400 paintings exhibited from artists all over Australia and well worth seeing.
I am in my studio today to also make a selection of 5 new pieces to take to Off the Slate Gallery in Willunga for the new exhibition that starts mid month.
I intend this week to get back to my spontaneous intuitive style which provides a lot of hit and miss but a whole lot of fun!

Give Me a Name
Painting size 12 x 15" or 30 x 38cm
This Owl painting I have just finished using a reference courtesy of Angeline from PMP. The attraction to paint it is was the eyes and for me I loved the beak, the feathers were a chance to play with lots of loose lovely strokes. I have no name for it yet which is really unusual as I always have a name before I start painting. If you have any suggestions please leave me a comment.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

New Challenges in a New Year

Firstly Happy New Year to fellow bloggers and friends who have been following my art journey in 2012. I hope you will continue in 2013 as my art continues to develop and grow and I introduce many different subject matter. 
As I have said before I prefer to paint from real life or at least my own photos but I am drawn to the challenge of painting subjects I may never have seen in real life or close enough and for this you do need great reference photos. Paint My Photo photographers share their talented work for artists to paint without copyright issues and there are thousands of good quality images to browse for inspiration. By painting from someone elses photo a different set of skills are required along with observation and I often google the subject if it is not common to me so that I can find out more and see different shots and maybe habitat etc. and this helps me get more of a feel for my painting.
From a reference photo by Gary Jones I painted this Zebra just before Christmas and was really pleased with him so I challenged myself to paint him again in what is now my biggest painting to date. I intend on having this framed soon and will hang it on my studio wall to inspire me to go further with my art this year.

Stripes Suit Me
Painting size cms 70 x 43
or inches 27"x 17"