Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Creating Texture

Have found a bit of time in between the umpteenth time I have had to shift all the gear in my new studio. I said before how I couldn't wait to get in there and so I moved in regardless of the renovation jobs that were lined up. Even so I am so pleased with how it is all coming together that I have gladly pushed the furniture around as needed. Maybe only two more times hopefully. After each tradesman I put it all back and get on with my art.
Cockles and Mussels
Painting Size 15" x 11"

I recently watched the new DVD by Birgit O'Connor demonstrating how to paint sand, rocks and sea glass. I designed my own composition incorporating Cockle and Mussel shells and am quite pleased with the texture created in my first effort.

Autumn Splendour
Painting Size 22" x 15"

I have painted another Glory vine similar to the one that I posted here last week just to make sure I had remembered some of the texture techniques. This time I went portrait and bigger. When all was finished I took a deep breath as I used some real glory vine leaves as a stencil and stamped them onto the pristine white space left for this purpose on the lower left. Lucky they worked without needing any touch ups so that they remained fresh.

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Splash of Colour

Field Poppies
Painting size 15" x 11"
I chose vibrant colours to get me back into my watercolour painting mode after having spent a couple of days helping my husband Ian paint the walls in my new studio. To have as much light as possible the walls have been painted an off white colour with white ceilings so after not seeing any colour for a couple of days I thought why not get out the big guns!

Monday, 15 April 2013

Autumn Arrives

Well today for the first time the arrival of Autumn has been confirmed. It has been a little cold, we have had a little bit of rain and our Glory Vine with its abundance of foliage has turned lovely shades of golds and reds. My painting called Autumn Textures was inspired by several influences - our beautiful glory vine which is in full view from my studio window, drawing on ideas from a new book I received last week called Spirit of Spontaneity by Karlyn Holman and lastly the urge to incorporate some of the new paints that also arrived last week. Both the book and the paints (Maimer Blu) were on a special price offer that I could not resist and I eagerly awaited their arrival from the USA.
Autumn Textures
Painting size 11" x 15"

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Couldn't Wait

Well I am always impatient and this week has been no exception. Once it was official that I could have the whole boat shed for my studio I just had to get in there as soon as possible regardless of the fact that workmen will have to come in and get around all my stuff. I have moved my entire painting equipment, easels, tables, cupboards etc. into the end that is my work area. This gave me time to push it all around and get the right set up so I could tell the plumber tomorrow where to install my sink. There is still lots more to do and I have to wait for the tradies to fit my job in but I have so much more space to work in that I don't mind waiting for it all to be finished as it does not stop me painting. Here are some "before the renovation" shots. Beyond the table is about another 8 feet so I am going to have plenty of hanging space to fill up!

Studio One 3 One
before the workmen arrive

Peaceful Pose
Painting size 15" x 11"
from reference photo
courtesy Gary Jones Wildlife Photography

I have been so excited that I started this painting - my very first in my new studio, at 6am yesterday and finished it before morning tea! Today I have worked on two more and really getting a feel for my new environment

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Go With the Flow

Time now needed to make the final choices for paintings to include in my very first solo wall artist exhibition. I am pleased that I have more than enough completed and framed so I can be selective. The new exhibition at Art@Goolwa also opens first week of May and I need 5 works to keep back for this.
Whilst this has been a very intense time to be ready I am so pleased to have had this goal as I can see from the results that being focused and putting in so many brush miles over the last six months has really been worthwhile. I will however look forward to painting just for fun with no commitments for a short while. Next big event for me will be in August when the SALA (South Australian Living Artist) festival runs for the month right across the State. I have registered as an Open Studio which means my studio will be open to the public Friday thru Sunday. I am having the boat shed at the rear of our property refitted as a new studio and this will triple my working and hanging space. Exciting times ahead!

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

No Laughing Matter

A Serious Moment
Painting size 15"x 11"
It's no laughing matter when you paint for hours and it does not flow and come together as you would like. Lucky for me after being inspired this morning by lots of new bird images by one of my favourite photographers Caroline Williams on facebook I had a fabulous day painting Kookaburras. I see them occasionally down here in my river town of Goolwa but never as frequently as when we lived in the foothills of Adelaide with its abundance of gum trees. It is hearing their unique laugh that makes me jump up to find where they have landed as they are such an adorable bird.  I painted the first this morning in portrait format and after completing the bird to my satisfaction I dreaded adding a background and spoiling the feeling that the painting was giving me. I never not have a background either so as a compromise I just added some flicks of paint and stopped. Over lunch I decided that I really liked this simple look as is and signed my name, something I do which stops me from doing anymore.(well 99% of the time).
This afternoon though I was intrigued to see what it would be like with a background so painted another Kookaburra this time in landscape format and added colour behind the bird. I am pleased with both and glad I experimented with the different backgrounds.Hopefully this will give me confidence when facing this situation again. Perhaps next time my Kookaburras could be laughing!

I Can Be Serious
Painting size 11" x 15"