Sunday, 28 July 2013

Up and Ready

Yesterday my husband Ian helped me take down all my wildlife portraits and replace them with "local subjects" in preparation for my Open Studio during the SALA Festival that runs right through August. I am open Friday, Saturday and Sunday starting this week 10am to 4pm. I cannot believe how many wild life animal portraits I have painted - I now have my own Zoo in Art!. I have been asked to do a one month exhibition during September in a winery about 60kms from where I live and I may just focus that exhibition on my animal faces. This is the last painting to go up on the wall yesterday - a mixed watermedia where I have used a variety of ink, watercolour and a touch a fluid acrylic on the hiding Egrets.
Summer Hideaway
57cm x 38cm

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

So Much to Learn

So Much to Learn
11" x 15"
This baby Orangutan (with thanks for reference photo courtesy Caroline Williams Photography) appealed to me posing with his thumb in his mouth. Not sure if it is a foot or a hand but I was drawn to the look on his face. He appears to be saying "so much to learn" and how true this continues to be for me. I am loving every minute though as I strive to create paintings using different approaches, techniques, colours and media. My last post on this blog was a week ago and since then I have been busy painting more "local scene" pieces for my upcoming open studio event starting in just over a week so I thought I could take time out today and paint this little fellow. I have just finished a six week on line course with Carol McIntyre - Paint With Color Confidence and managed to keep up with the homework load too but boy I have had some tiring days. BTW I can thoroughly recommend Carols course you can check it out here

Wednesday, 17 July 2013


"Evening Hideaway"
Painting size 11" x 11"

Not sure this is the right word for my current creations, even using google doesn't give a firm yes or no but I am using it to define how I am trying to capture my local surroundings and life here on the Fleurieu Peninsula in a loose, interpretive, suggestive and expressive way. I wanted to have a little series in time for SALA in August and so far have a couple I am happy with. "Evening Hideaway" uses a variety of watermedia, watercolour, ink and a first wash of thinned fluid acrylic. The Egrets are resting at the end of the day.

Thursday, 11 July 2013


View the program here
SALA festival starts in a couple of weeks and runs for the month of August.
I am opening my studio for the first time to the general public as part of the festivals "Open Studios" which is given extra promotion for the weekend of 10/11 August. I will be open each Friday, Saturday and Sunday for the whole month 10am - 4pm.  I just continue to paint during that time and hopefully people will come and visit and take a look at what I do. There are about a hundred open studios right across the state of South Australia where artists open their working place for all to see. More than 4900 Artists exhibit in more than 500 venues in Galleries, Cafes, Restaurants, Corporate places during the month. Art@Goolwa has an exhibition as part of the festival and I will have 5 paintings there.
I am currently working on some new paintings inspired by the area I live in - the end of the Murray river where it meets the ocean and the start of the "Coorong" a National park and Lagoon ecosystem. It was the first to join the Ramsar Convention which is a worldwide organisation for the conservation of wetlands.The Coorong is a sanctuary for not just Australian waterbirds but also the migratory birds too. I am not sure my studio filled with African animals and florals is right for this festival so back to the brushes and create those new paintings!

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Jumping Here, There and Everywhere

Face of Experience
Painting size 11" x 15"

My mind is in a spin with all the images and challenges jumping around ready to capture them on paper. After painting flowers, then a landscape I went on to participate in a facebook July challenge to paint this chimp set by artist Sharon Whitley. Her partner is a Gary Jones a fabulous wildlife photographer and she chose his reference photo for her challenge. Presently I have a landscape partially done so I wonder what will be next!

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Me Pushing Boundaries

A Fall Somewhere
Mixed Media
11" x 15"
Have really enjoyed my studio time today. It started with a morning tea for my neighbours so I could show off my newly created art space. I talked of how watercolour today is far from wishy washy washes and often can incorporate other media. I have been inspired to try this again today thinking all time time about the new dvd I received a week or so ago, Pushing the Boundaries by Chris Forsey. I love his addition of oil pastel, inks and acrylics to watercolour. He demonstrates in a clear easy going manner and the urge to stop the dvd part way through and give something a try soon means he really is inspiring. I am struggling with doing landscapes as I have still not found a way of putting them on paper in a way that pleases me. With an image of a waterfall from a magazine to start my idea added with my recollections of several waterfalls we have visited in our Australian landscape, I played with bits of mixed media added to my watercolour washes to create this painting "A Fall Somewhere". Playing with all the additional media I think helped me overcome my "landscape fear" for today at least.