Monday, 25 November 2013

Something New

Two Watercolours completed in the last week, both half sheet ( 57cm x 38cm). I have had these subjects on my to do list for quite sometime but due to my sheep flock they remained on the back burner.
No shortage of reference material for these subjects either.
Friends in Group 12
38cm x 57cm

We have plenty of herds of cows not very far from us and when Ian was driving past, this happy group was close to the fence and unlike trying to get sheep faces (they run away as soon as they see the camera), D,K, and G were happy to pose. I love the hairstyle of G it almost looks like a wig sitting on top of its head!

Magpies and Kangaroo Apple
38cm x 57cm

I did have a couple of good photos of Magpies on the lawn in our back garden but had not until now had any inspiration for a painting. For me sometimes it is because I have not found a way of incorporating them into a painting and I am not really into just doing them as a little study. I have always been an all or nothing type of girl so they sit dormant until I have the whole picture in my mind. I have combined the Magpies with a native bush, Kangaroo Apple, this has an olive looking type of berry and these purple flowers. I believe the Aborigines used it for some medicinal purposes.I had never noticed it before but where I have been attending Photoshop classes there are lots of these bushes on the property and actually it was the fruit that caught my eye and I had thought of adding them to my edible series but apparently they are not edible so using them as background for my Magpies seemed ideal.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Pearls for the Girls

Pure Aussie Wool Series
38cm x 28.5cm
This Pure Aussie Wool addition was just a joy to create. I did take my time in finishing as I had a couple of other subjects on the go too so that I did not feel my destiny was to be a sheep fanatic (which of course I am at the moment!). I added the Pearls as a final finishing touch using a little bit of pearlescent ink and a tiny bit of naples yellow watercolour. I knew they would be a perfect addition to the lovely knitted twin sets these twins are wearing.
 Have spent all of yesterday building up a new computer as my study laptop where I do most of my blog and webwork gave all the signs of blowing up, luckily I had a day old backup of everything important but most of the time was taking in how to get around windows 8 which I have never used before.
I went to bed thinking I must have lost the computer zavvy  I am known for due to my now creative life but after getting up refreshed this morning I am getting around the new computer OK. I have a windows 7 in my studio and an Ipad when I am out and about so having to jostle between the three operating systems when my head is full of art will be another challenge.
New exhibition opens this afternoon at Art@Goolwa and I am pleased to say that one of mine has already sold - Pure Aussie Wool series Bale 131.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Seems like Ages

It seems like ages since I last posted on my blog. It is due to the fact that I have really only produced more sheep paintings and felt I needed to give you a break from seeing these. I have tried quite hard to find inspiration in other subjects but alas my flock have me well and truly engaged.
I have completed two watercolours, this seal painting today and the Koala last week so I thought I would post to show that I have tried. I had three attempts at a possum too but not happy with any of them.
Beware though I have more sheep ones completed and will likely show these too!
On a Bright Day11" x 15"
thank you Caroline Williams for reference photo

Fussy Eater
15" x 11"

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Much to be Thankful For

Pleased to say that I do have some news to share even though painting has not produced much this past week. I am handling the ups and downs of the creative life much better now I understand this repeating pattern is part of the course. Creating a painting even if it comes together easily exhausts me so much more than doing a hard day at the office ever did! When I have used so much of my emotional energy I take time to recover and recharge and then I can paint again with some success.

Me and Mum
Second place Summer Art Fest
Creative Catalyst Productions USA

  • This week I received a lovely email from Creative Catalyst Productions in the USA advising I had been awarded second place for my entry in their Summer Art Fest. I entered Me and Mum as this was painted during our Australian summer.
  • I have been through a selection process and have been chosen to have 3 of my paintings included in a wildlife exhibition in Adelaide as part of the Fringe Festival in February and I will be showing Me and Mum as one of my choices.
A busy time for selections for other exhibitions too:
Summer Hideaway
one of my paintings for this new exhibtiion

  • Art @ Goolwa has a new show opening in a couple of weeks and I have to deliver 5 new pieces in a weeks time. The only one I am certain on has been included on the invitation so I now must choose 4 more.
  • The big show in January in Victor Harbor by Rotary has entries closing at the end of this month and I need to choose 3 for this. I still keep fingers crossed that I may come up with a masterpiece before then but am really pleased that  I do have a good choice of framed paintings already so no pressure if nothing new is achieved.
  • For the month of December I am the feature artist in Art@Goolwa and this means that in addition to my 5 new paintings on show from this month I have a feature wall to fill with more. 
I am three weeks in of an 8 week course on using Photo Shop and have also joined with three artist friends to work through a 13 chapter colour course by artists Stephen Quiller. Not sure how much we will do this Tuesday though as it is Melbourne Cup Day and we will join most of the nation, stopping for a lovely lunch and bubbles!

I am so grateful that I am at the place and time in my life where I can immerse myself in art and with all that is involved I understand why my painting had to lay dormant for all those years that I was in business but it was the hard work during those years that enabled me to take early retirement from the workforce and find pure joy in a creative life. I am ever thankful for your continued support.