Monday, 27 January 2014

Up to Day 27

Jewels of Red and Gold
Watercolour on Yupo 32cm x 39cm

Day 27 -
I am running out of puff, my mind needs the rest and I need a recharge. I will be happy to see the end of January. I would love to finish the challenge with a "last" decent painting but to be honest I am not sure I can pull one off and may have to settle for my foodies. Well I have 3 more chances so what will be will be.
This has been a tremendous challenge to do as I think all the practice has provided me with so much opportunity to experiment, stretch my skills and I believe I have made improvement. The most beneficial outcome for me has been the need to be creative and push all the boundaries. Today it was in the form of "Yupo". It has been quite sometime since I painted on it and today I found it much easier than I had previously so my thought process and technique were more up to the challenge of this slippery surface.
This painting of Gum tree blossom is somewhat abstracty as this seems to be the outcome for me with Yupo.

Day 26 - in celebration of Australia Day and the Milang to Goolwa Freshwater Classic

Steeple Jack
Watercolour 28.5cm x 38cm

Day 25 - "delicious foodie"


  1. Lorraine, almost finished...end in sight. You've done some wonderful paintings and I especially like this group. The gum blossoms are stunning.

  2. Lorraine, it is a treat for the eyes on your blog! I love the painting on Yupo! It's lively and fresh. The sailboat painting is amazing and your foodie is adorable. Outstanding!

  3. Hello Lorraine:) As you know Yupo is a bit my little baby:) So I'm always happy to see people using Yupo. And you did a wonderful job. Unfortunately I can't see the colors you have used because of an error on my computer. But I will later catch up! I also love the boats! I want to congratulate you with (almost) complete the chellange. Respect. Hugs:)xx

  4. Well done, Lorraine, every step of the way. I've enjoyed every painting you made.

  5. I don't know much abour Yupo but I admire your skill. I think we will all be happy to get to the end of the month in one piece. Nice boat and I can't help thinking you must have a sweet tooth when I see your adorable foodie.

  6. Love the semi abstract gum flowers. Lovely colors and composition. The use of opposite hues really make it pop. What was the green you used?

  7. Yupo is very challenging, but I think you did a great job, very free and fresh . But I really love the boat painting and the cake, yummi ! You have done so well in this challenge, but I can imagine how happy you are it is almost over :-))

  8. Nice yupo piece!!! I like that you were able to get such darks. Love the foodie as well as the boats. You will tackle anything!

  9. Thanks fellow bloggers. At last the end is near for this challenge and must say I'm happy about that. Jean the green is Indigo, Quinn gold in varying amts, a bit of perm rose added too.


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