Monday, 30 June 2014

Sweet and Sour

Wine and Song XI
Sweet and Sour

Mixed media of Watercolour and Collage
on 300gsm Watercolour Paper 38cm x 57cm
Happy to say number 10 survived its varnish stage and is looking quite smart. I am pleased this latest work, number 11 in my series, is on Watercolour paper and is going straight into a frame so no tense moments required.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Number 10

Wine and Song Series X
Inspiration the fable with music by Benjamin Godard -  The Fox and the Grapes.
This has been done on 300gsm Arches CP paper and then adhered to cradled panel and the sides are painted with white acrylic.
I am part way through the varnish process and I am keeping fingers crossed it is going to be OK. I did spray 4 light coats of gloss varnish before doing the first layer of Polymer but some of the watercolour started to move - horror horror. Quick fix of a light dab in the affected area and then I used the polymer in a little spray bottle as I could only go over the unvarnished part. It will have another layer of varnish tomorrow so anxious wait until then. My next one will definitely be just on paper to be framed as this varnish process is so scary and just when I thought I was getting the hang of it!!
Wine and Song X
The Fox and the Grapes

Mixed Media on Cradled Panel 45.7cm x 61cm

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Key to the Cellar

Hard to believe that my Wine and Song series has made it to number 9. This latest work is on a stretched canvas 50cm x 50cm. It is an excellent quality triple gesso canvas that I had in the cupboard for the one day when I might paint with acrylics and as this has never happened I decided to use it for my watercolour and collage piece. I added a coat of Golden Absorbent ground before I started to make it receptive to water and pigment. Now its fully dry and photographed I will be adding the gloss varnish.
Wine and Song IX
Key to the Cellar

Mixe Media on Stretched Canvas
50cm x50cm

Friday, 13 June 2014

Time for a breather

Well if I don't want to hit the brick wall again I need to take a breather. This week I have added two more works to my Wine and Song Series. I am building this collection for a Winery exhibition at the end of the year - I will need about 12 in total so still have plenty of time (and ideas) to add to the collection.
This week Wine and Song 1 and 2 have been sold  but the collector could make them available for my exhibition if I am short. At my current rate though I will have plenty to choose from and am not worried about holding any back from being available for purchase now.

Researching and coming up with appropriate collage for these mixed media works takes more time than actually doing the painting but I am thoroughly enjoying the whole process and spending time collating and printing collage gives me time out from having a brush glued to my hand.

Ten Green Bottles was painted on 300gsm paper. I then adhered this to a cradled wood panel and finished with several layers of varnish.
Wine and Song VII - Ten Green Bottles
Mixed Media Varnished on Cradled Panel
30cm x 50cm

Drink to Me Only I persevered with the Fredrix Watercolour Canvas as I had another purchased. This time however I added a layer of Watercolour ground before I started as I wanted to try and avoid the unwanted pigment lifting that I experienced last time. This was better but again it did not feel as good as paper to paint on. It does however look fantastic on the Canvas and now it has had 24 hours to dry I can begin the varnish process which takes me two days to complete.

An exciting purchase today was buying my very own cordless drill. I have received my instructions by hubby on how to use it and how to avoid drilling through my painting (horror at the thought). I am now ready to be self sufficient in wiring up my canvas and panels instead of waiting for help. Have decided however to do the drill holes on the blank surfaces before I actually do the painting just in case I mess up after all the creativity!
Tomorrow we celebrate my granddaughters second birthday, so hard to believe how this past year has flown. Enjoy your weekend everyone

Monday, 9 June 2014

Wine and Song VI

Number six in my current series featuring Wine and Song seems to have taken ages. For one thing it is a larger work on a Fredrix Watercolour Canvas, a surface that I have only used a couple of times before. I am thinking that I dont really like using this surface even though I am totally happy with this finished work. Building up any kind of glazing is a mammoth task as it is so easy to lift off the pigment already there. If I used this canvas more often perhaps I would work out its nuances but you know me I move on and flit from one surface type to another. Keeps me on my toes at least! This is an Olde Worlde look using a very old song The Chorister and my vintage look for this combines collage, watercolour,white gouache and inks. Next step - varnish
Wine and Song VI
Mixed Media on Canvas
71cm x 56cm