Friday, 25 July 2014

Open Studio

I am busy getting ready to participate in SALA an arts festival held in August each year. More than 500 venues and over 4500 artists participate. I am having my Studio open for four weekends and look forward to talking with visitors. I am exhibiting my Wine and Song series and introducing my new "Small but Big" series which I am currently working on and thoroughly enjoying. I have just completed number 7 and waiting for everything to dry when I will photograph it along with number 6. I hope to have around 10 to show during August, I have some fables chosen but need the collage elements researched and printed so quite a few hours of work ahead.
The Goose that Laid the Golden Eggs

The Owl and the Birds

The Rose and the Amaranth

Friday, 18 July 2014

Inspired to Paint something Bigger

Amongst the Green
Watercolour 57cm x 38cm

I am really keen to paint for my Small but Big series but know I need to keep in touch with "just" watercolour and my bigger brushes. Last week fellow blogger and friend  Sherry Schmidt included a very inspiring to me photo of a Lotus display and kindly allowed me to use her photo to paint from. Not only that she emailed me several others - all beautiful and carefully filed away for future paintings. This is on a half sheet of paper and one thing I did find tiresome was when I took off the masking fluid I had used to preserve the white for the blooms it had fluffed up the texture of the paper. I normally avoid using the fluid but must say I had never had this problem before. Any tips?

Friday, 11 July 2014

The Genesis for my New Series

Wine and Song Series 2014
With the 12 paintings completed for my Wine and Song series I am already well under way with a new series. The inspiration for my latest muse came whilst painting Wine and Song X (The Fox and the Grapes) and I have had to contain my enthusiasm whilst I completed number 11 and 12.

The research required for creating meaningful collage elements put me in touch with all manner of reference and when I was looking for the right ones for the Fox and the Grapes which was a song written about an Aesop fable I stumbled upon rare and old books. I decided to buy an affordable reprint of the 1912 publication by VS Vernon Jones and my copy is a reprint dated 1949. There is an inscription that shows it was given to a nephew Richard by his Uncle Tom in 1950 and I love that I am the new caretaker of what would have been a special gift. 
I am thoroughly entertained with creating a mixed media series, not just simply illustrating the fable but using Watercolour and my researched collage elements to create a work that has meaning to me.

I have decided to call this new series Small but Big, each painting will be only 8" x 10" but will contain so much meaning. Working this small but with sometimes quite complex elements included is taking just as much time to complete as any larger work and the hours are just consumed.
I hope you will enjoy seeing these Small but Big works and hopefully I can also show some "just" watercolour paintings too but for now my mind is full of this current inspiration. 
Here are the very first two - you will also notice I have started using a watermark and posting my images smaller than before. There has been a lot of internet theft of artists work and taking some type of precaution may help.
The Crab and the Fox

The Fir-Tree and the Bramble

Friday, 4 July 2014

Bubbles to Celebrate

Wine and Song XII
When I started my Wine and Song Series I had in mind to do about 12. Two have sold so I have 10. This just may do for the space for an end of year winery exhibition and if any more are sold beforehand I might have to do another couple but for now I am done. I have called Wine and Song XII "Bubbles" which is a perfect title to celebrate bringing this whole series together. This is on 425gsm paper and framed size is 47cm x 56cm.