Friday, 18 July 2014

Inspired to Paint something Bigger

Amongst the Green
Watercolour 57cm x 38cm

I am really keen to paint for my Small but Big series but know I need to keep in touch with "just" watercolour and my bigger brushes. Last week fellow blogger and friend  Sherry Schmidt included a very inspiring to me photo of a Lotus display and kindly allowed me to use her photo to paint from. Not only that she emailed me several others - all beautiful and carefully filed away for future paintings. This is on a half sheet of paper and one thing I did find tiresome was when I took off the masking fluid I had used to preserve the white for the blooms it had fluffed up the texture of the paper. I normally avoid using the fluid but must say I had never had this problem before. Any tips?


  1. Dear Lorraine - this is truly lovely. I certainly can't see any problem with the fluffed up texture. Like you I try not to use masking fluid too much but there are just times when I need to do so. Hope you have a great week-end. Thanks so much too for your thoughts and prayers - My Mom received good news and all is well! Have a lovely day.

  2. A really beautiful painting full of life, as are the Lotus, beautiful flowers!
    I ... I'm lucky to be able to photograph every year, almost close to home.
    But it's nice to have friends with whom to collaborate, to get good pictures of rare plants!
    The liquid masking is always a bit 'naughty ... sometimes ruins the paper, sometimes not perfectly mask ... and yet there are masters who paint the whole painting, drawing every detail beginning with the liquid masking.
    Sometimes it seems the fault of the liquid ..
    sometimes the paper ...
    I really love the painting in the negative and I try to use the liquid to mask as little as possible because it always happens to me something unexpected and unpleasant!Have nice week end!

  3. I can't help you with the masking fluid problem (never used it), but I must say that your lotus looks so real I could almost touch it. You really rendered this beautifully. Painting big is always an exciting experience!

  4. Lorraine I'm so happy you could use a few lotus photos and create such a wonderful piece! You really captured the flowers and leaves. Masking fluid, you never know what it's going to do. Maybe you just didn't shake it up enough.

  5. Hi Lorraine! I find these flowers very appealing, you did a marvellous job with the greens specially. I don't use masking fluid often and never had any problems ...yet. Have a great weekend!

  6. What a beautiful painting! You really have done justice to what is a fascinating flower. The greens are to die for. I find you need to remove masking after a short period and keep it away from heat, as it seems to sink into the paper. But I am sure you already know this. Just a thought

  7. Gorgeous job on this! Your leaves and the background really make the flower pop! I rarely use masking because it invariably gives me problems. But sometimes it is the only I have no tips.

  8. Gorgeous painting, Lorraine, wow very brave, such a big piece!

  9. Hi Lorraine, this is beautiful! I love the greenery around the lotus, you did a fantastic job highlighting the beauty of the flowers.
    I have had similar problems with masking fluid and now only reserve it to absolute necessary situations.
    I find that when I have had problems with it lifting the paper or changing the texture it has been because I didn't wait for it to be dry enough before removing it. It can be very frustrating and know exactly how you feel.


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