Friday, 11 July 2014

The Genesis for my New Series

Wine and Song Series 2014
With the 12 paintings completed for my Wine and Song series I am already well under way with a new series. The inspiration for my latest muse came whilst painting Wine and Song X (The Fox and the Grapes) and I have had to contain my enthusiasm whilst I completed number 11 and 12.

The research required for creating meaningful collage elements put me in touch with all manner of reference and when I was looking for the right ones for the Fox and the Grapes which was a song written about an Aesop fable I stumbled upon rare and old books. I decided to buy an affordable reprint of the 1912 publication by VS Vernon Jones and my copy is a reprint dated 1949. There is an inscription that shows it was given to a nephew Richard by his Uncle Tom in 1950 and I love that I am the new caretaker of what would have been a special gift. 
I am thoroughly entertained with creating a mixed media series, not just simply illustrating the fable but using Watercolour and my researched collage elements to create a work that has meaning to me.

I have decided to call this new series Small but Big, each painting will be only 8" x 10" but will contain so much meaning. Working this small but with sometimes quite complex elements included is taking just as much time to complete as any larger work and the hours are just consumed.
I hope you will enjoy seeing these Small but Big works and hopefully I can also show some "just" watercolour paintings too but for now my mind is full of this current inspiration. 
Here are the very first two - you will also notice I have started using a watermark and posting my images smaller than before. There has been a lot of internet theft of artists work and taking some type of precaution may help.
The Crab and the Fox

The Fir-Tree and the Bramble


  1. Love these and love your tenacity!

  2. Dear Lorraine - this is really going to be an exciting series...already I am in love with your two paintings. Enjoyed the quote on the last one at the top. Your talent is awesome.
    Have a wonderful week-end.

  3. You are on your way. Again. Such fine work - your mixed media have such a professional look, Lorraine, and deserve professional notice. I wish you every success with this next series, and I look forward to each new one!

  4. I love how you arranged the Wine and Song Series. This new series looks like so much fun and is really looking great! You have such wonderful ideas!!!

  5. I am seriously impressed by how your work is developing Lorraine... you are so creative and inventive, from the sheep to this new series now, you are so good at hitting on a theme then developing it!! I wish you every success and hope you go from strength to strength!!

  6. Your new series is off to a great start, Lorraine! I also love seeing the Wine and Song series together, it is an incredible body of work you produced!

  7. Wow, Lorraine, inspired AND inspiring! So neat to see your wonderful Wine and Song series all together. This new collage series will be really exciting to follow. Great starts!

  8. I so love your imagination. What is going on inside your head. Whatever it is makes brilliant and unusual paintings. Great title btw

  9. These are fabulous Lorraine. I know full well the time that you dedicate in creating and planning these beautiful works. Perhaps this style is another rung forward in development for an artist in finding ways to produce something with more complexity and meaning. You are definitely achieving this goal and I love the direction you are now exploring.

  10. Thanks you so much dear blogging and art friends. I realise that not everyone will be into seeing my mixed media as you proably followed along with me on a watercolour journey but I assure you my love of WC has not diminished. Each mixed media piece is actually WC based I am just having a ball adding bits of collage.


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