Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Getting Behind

It has been 10 days since I last blogged and I must confess I have had difficulty keeping up with the all the sharing via facebook, blog and uploading new paintings to my website. Think I need a Secretary!
I have however kept up with my painting and am showing you everything I have completed in the last ten days. Looks like I don't have any other life when I look at this many works but I have in fact fitted in visiting grandchildren, going to the movies twice, nursing a three day migraine and a lovely photo shoot at a waterfall outside Normanville a town about 50km away from me, which is the subject of my watercolour just finished today.
Ingalalla Falls
Watercolour 57cm x 38cm

Reference from my photo shoot
This is the first of the falls at Ingalalla, the second would have required sturdier climbing
 shoes and someone fitter than me

My studio was once again open during the weekend and I painted two more Small but BIG Aesop fables.
The Bull and the Calf

The Lion and the Hare
For those of you who also read my newsletter you will have seen "Major Keys" already but for my blogging friends this I painted during the first weekend of Open Studios but it took me three days altogether to bring it to a close. During my open studio I told visitors I was struggling to bring the totally imaginative composition together to a finished work but after painting again on the Monday I was happy with the result. Watercolour, Gold and Silver Ink and Collage on 300gsm Arches Paper, when finished it was adhered to a Ampersand Claybord Cradled Panel.  It has had about 6 spray varnish layers as I did not want the watercolour to move like it did for me on a previous work that had sanded watercolour pencil in parts. I then applied two Polymer coats of varnish. It did require an additional two as the collage took the gloss so much more than the watercolour paper so I added the extra ones to try and bring the total finish to a more even look. I waxed the natural timber sides which really suits this work.
This was certainly a much longer project to get a finished work but I am so pleased with it I have my eye on it for our home if someone doesn't love it for theirs.
Major Keys
Mixed Media
Cradled Panel 46cm x 61cm
Apologies for this lengthy read but I felt the need to get everything in this one blog post so I can consider myself back up to date. I have my Studio open on the next two weekends so now I have to plan what I am going to have on the easel to show and demonstrate this Saturday and Sunday.


  1. Oh wow! I just absolutely love your Ingalalla Falls painting. That's a favourite now.

    I know exactly what you mean about painting and blogging. Sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day.

  2. Lorraine, beautiful work on the waterfall which I think would be so difficult! Love your Fables and varnished piece too. You've been so busy and productive!

  3. Great post Lorraine! You're very busy with your art and it's just a wonderful thing to see your enthusiasm. You've managed to create some great paintings with your remarkable skills. And I just love the waterfall, so peaceful...

  4. Lorraine, you do it all! I really love your explorative works, and how you don't limit yourself. At all! Your creative bent is so much a part of who you are, that even though you are busy, you are fulfilled. It shows in what you produce.

  5. Beautiful job on the waterfall and the texture of the rocks!!! Love your fable collages. You have been able to get so much done!

  6. So beautiful! I agree, it's so difficult to know what to focus on! Your art is beautiful...I'm a new follower!

  7. Thanks for all these generous and supportive comments and welcome "new" blogging friend Anne

  8. Dear Lorraine - Your falls are awesome. Your rendition really makes one feel like they are there. Love your small but big works. Looks and sounds like you are one busy lady and a talented one as well. Take care and have a great week-end.

  9. Never apologize for sharing a LOT of artwork and talk! ha ha Love the waterfalls painting and that dark water = beautiful! Also enjoy seeing the Aesop's fables paintings. Sounds like you have been super busy lately but isn't that the way with summer?

  10. Dear Lorraine, intense life for you, artist who creates and showcases the works in the studio as on social networking sites....then lovely days in the family with the unique joys that gives ... It 's nice to know that there is no boredom, but that everything flows in active and serene way.
    I like all your art works, each is a different expression of the way you live.

  11. Hi Lorraine Wow what a portfolio of work in such a short time. I have no idea how you do it. Gifted I suppose. Love them all but the Falls hits that special arty spot for me. Your talent is so versatile. Clever you. Enjoy your week.

  12. Busy Bee. I agree it's hard to keep up with everything, and your art must come first. But thanks for keeping us up to date with your lovely work and look forward to seeing more

  13. I love the water and rocks in the waterfall, great painting!

  14. Wow Lorraine, you've done some amazing work since my last visit! I love how you are re-interpreting the fables. I had a thought to do something similar while visiting the famous galleries in London. Whether I will or not remains to be seen of course!!Congratulations on your new granddaughter!! Your life is so full at the moment and your art is so beautiful!! It seems to me that you are balancing your life very well in such busy circumstances.


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