Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Keeping it Simple

Simplifying in mind I chose this little Pied Cormorant. We have so many Cormorants of all types land on our jetty, they dive for fish and then hang out for ages with their wings outstretched drying off.

Wind Blown
on Arches 300gsm Rough Paper
38cm x 28.5cm


  1. One of my favorites Lorraine! Love the wing feathers.

  2. SO TRUE in painting what you can observe from life
      The cormorant is alive and present on my screen even with the essential features that you have chosen to portray !!! Stunning watercolor!

  3. The washy look is perfect for this cormorant. I love it!!!

  4. Lovely. Fab textures and limited palette.

  5. I love this watercolor. It has a lot of life. Your workshop with Jean Haines really rubbed off. It looks like you really enjoyed painting this.

  6. Nice and loose. What an intense gaze! They must be amazing to see in action.


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