Monday, 17 November 2014

Moving the Goal Post

I have all my paintings sorted and stored ready for two December exhibitions - a total of 17 works and 3 ready for a January show. With this now behind me I am ready to set some new goals and challenges for myself. I have looked back over my three year art journey and can see every now and then the subtle change and hopefully improvement in my paintings. Where to now - I need to think about this for 2015. After the Jean Haines workshop in Adelaide a fortnight ago I keep recalling one thing she said: SIMPLIFY. For me it doesn't mean having to paint in a very loose way where a lot of imagination is required to fill in the blanks but it does mean finding a balance between too much and not enough.  I am thinking "semi-figurative". I like the idea of having a reconisable subject and combining it with elements of semi abstract shape making and texture. Sounds like it will be a challenge worth working towards. I shall look back in another years time and see what I have achieved.
Over the weekend I had my studio open,only a couple of visitors came but  I just painted away just for ME and with "'simplify" in mind each of these three paintings provided their own challenge. None were meant to be "serious" pieces as my reasons below explains.

Pelican Brief
Just that - how to simplify and paint this large, awkward bird that I see everyday but haven't
quite captured to my liking 

Seeking a Safe Haven
Using an inspiring front cover image from the Australian Geographic by photographer Douglas Seifert, I wanted to use some abstract shapes and marks to render my subject in a simple way

They know the Way
I surprised myself on Sunday morning with this one. I had this image from Pixabay on my computer from back in my Aesop fable series when I was looking for a shepherd to use for collage. I thought lets try this without a pencil in sight and went straight in with water and pigment. Possibly could have been a bit more simplified but I know for sure I couldn't have done this a few months back

Thanks everyone for your kind comments on my last post, sorry this one seems almost as long
I have a busy social week ahead as my husband is having a special "big number" birthday so not much painting now until the end of the week but I wish all my artists friends a fabulous painting time!


  1. I am inspired by your dedication. Your paintings are dynamic, beautiful rich colours, although I am having a hard time seeing these paintings as practice pieces. "They Know the Way" is a very complex composition, it is impressive!

  2. Wow, Lorraine, what exciting goals for 2015, "semi-figurative" - semi-abstract pieces already sound intriguing. The three you posted are really wonderful and such varied subjects!

  3. Hi Lorraine, this is the first time visiting your site for me and I love the old shepherd in the maroon sweater, or should I call it a jumper. :) I look forward to checking out your older posts and future posts too. Enjoy your day!

  4. Lovely pieces done in a "simplified" manner. I love the turtle!!! The simplification of the water makes him stand out even more. The one of the shepherd is wonderful. I think you must have simplified the scene, and you did a wonderful job on the figure and the sheep...amazing textures. I'll be looking forward to what you do as your art journey continues.

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  6. Isn't it great when you realize you have grown as an artist? Nice work Lorraine.

  7. Lorraine - I have been visiting your blog for quite some time now and I am always astonished at how your creativity just pours out in all different areas. Gorgeous - all three of these works. Like Celia I have to say they don't seem like studies to me but wonderful art. So glad you shared your goals. Am so looking forward to seeing what you will be working for next year. By the way - love the "They know the Way" - awesome!

  8. Thanks girls as always, so appreciate hearing from you xx
    Welcome Carol, glad to see you hear

  9. Wishing you happy painting in 2015, and may all that you strive for and all your endeavors be happy ones. If these paintings are any indication, I think you are well on your way, Lorraine.

  10. Three beautiful paintings, really love the turtle and the last one . Keeping in mind to simplify really worked :-))

  11. I'm with Celia on these. Practice pieces??? lol. Love the shepherd. A different subject for you as well as different approach. Always really lovely to see what you are up to and how you are developing so beautifully. Keep enjoying and thanks for sharing.

  12. Your "simplify" theme has produced some real crackers! Truly lovely work Lorraine! I would have loved to have visited if I lived within cooee!! Good luck with your upcoming exhibitions!


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