Saturday, 28 February 2015

Latest Muse

Going Solo
Australian Trio

These past few days I have been embracing my latest muse. I am using vintage music manuscripts from the 1930's that is really aged. Painting on this with watercolour is a much slower process than on proper watercolour paper because the surface easily lifts back so subsequent strokes take care. I must admit I am really chuffed at how well the paper is accepting the pigment and water and put this down to the type of paper and finish it must have. Not all plain papers would work this way so I am very fortunate to have many sheets of this so my inspiration can run its course, so far I have 5 so a new little series is born "Songs"

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Why Do You Create?

I am really thrilled to have been included in this feature from Artsy Shark published today asking artists why they create. Quite a few included artists so please scroll down to find me. You will also no doubt find some "new to you" artists.

Yesterday was the third session in my 8 week course I am teaching in my studio. It has taken a couple of weeks for me to grasp how much theory versus painting different people can absorb in any one session but I am really happy with the feedback and that everyone always leaves so inspired for more. This first course is obviously a steep learning curve for me and I am so pleased it has helped me in my own art too.
I hope to share some of the results towards the end of the 8 weeks.
Thanks dear blogging friends and followers for your support and encouragement, sharing paintings and the process is something I find important to me.

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Taking a Study further

Shades of Gray
Watercolour on Saunders Waterford Rough 300gsm Paper
28.5cm x 38cm
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It was instant inspiration for me when I saw the serious looking face on a monkey with its fluffy hairdo and I just had capture this using watercolour. The subject was just perfect for working with the exciting and surprising results that combining pigment, water and salt can bring.
I first started with just a little 11"x 8" study to try out colours and see how well they worked with the salt but I was so inspired by what was happening on the paper that I worked further to bring out the little guys face. With the study confirming my colour choices and the exciting texture they bring, I went ahead and created my larger watercolour.  Of course working with this fascinating medium guarantees unique results every time anyway, but and to keep the inspiration fresh in my mind and the sense of that "first time" unique work I flipped the reference image and also added an additional pigment - burnt sienna.

Here is my initial study painting - colours tested were: Cobalt Turquoise light, Indanthrene Blue,
Indigo, Winsor Yellow and Permanent Rose


Wednesday, 18 February 2015


Style in the Mall
Watercolour 57cm x 38cm
 Saunders Waterford Bright White Cold Press
I often tackle something way out of my comfort zone to find out how my observation skills have improved. This watercolour is just that. Adding people to a work would have once scared me to death but I am feeling achievement here as I used this shopping mall to try out lots of people. I was attracted to this light filled image I found a long time ago on PMP but filed it away as way to hard for me at that time. Lots of improvement required for architecture - thats a whole new challenge to work on, but there is so much here that I am pleased with.

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Yupo, I'm the Boss

Prima Donna
Watercolour on Yupo
28cm x 38cm
Just spent many hours on this flower on Yupo. Yes it is certainly a surface that fosters being free, loose and colourful but boy does it show you who is the boss. Just when I thought I was nearly done and a tiny tweak might help the colour would disappear before my very eyes and I was back to the slippery white surface and many more brushstrokes were needed.

Monday, 9 February 2015

Window Shopping

Window Shopping
Watercolour  38cm x 28.5cm
Saunders Waterford Hot Press 300gsm 

Wednesday, 4 February 2015


My Yellow Pencil
Watercolour 38cm x 28.5cm
Saunders Waterford 425gsm Hot Press
I mentioned yesterday how a painting of my grandson (also in his twos) wasn't behaving. Thank goodness for top quality paper and Daniel Smith Watercolor ground. There was so much to like with little Tommys portrait that I couldn't give up defeated so after leaving it overnight with the troubled spots covered in the watercolor ground I was able to paint afresh the next day.Sure the texture of this one is a bit roughed up but it just looks like the Saunders Waterford Hot Press paper is now Cold Press and just that bit textured. My reference also from Christmas was so full of background and other family members it was a great exercise in learning how to leave lots out. His Mum and Dad are going to hang this on their walls so that really pleases me. By the way I have already framed little Tillys portrait and have it hanging in my sitting room.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Emotionally Connected

Last week I spoke of being connected with a subject and thank you all for your comments on this post and painting of the little dog "Bella".
Today I hope you can see my emotional connection with this watercolour of my eldest grandaughter "Tilly" (aged two and half).
Christmas time at our house, she patiently allowed her Auntie to braid her hair and I managed to capture the light on her face and the beautiful moment in time giving me a great reference for my painting. Am currently working on one of my 2 year old grandson but the painting is not behaving itself (no reflection on Thomas as he is very well behaved) and I may have to start again but I am very new to painting humans so don't mind lots of practice.

38cm x 28.5cm
Saunders Waterford Hot Press 425gsm
Private Collection