Saturday, 21 February 2015

Taking a Study further

Shades of Gray
Watercolour on Saunders Waterford Rough 300gsm Paper
28.5cm x 38cm
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It was instant inspiration for me when I saw the serious looking face on a monkey with its fluffy hairdo and I just had capture this using watercolour. The subject was just perfect for working with the exciting and surprising results that combining pigment, water and salt can bring.
I first started with just a little 11"x 8" study to try out colours and see how well they worked with the salt but I was so inspired by what was happening on the paper that I worked further to bring out the little guys face. With the study confirming my colour choices and the exciting texture they bring, I went ahead and created my larger watercolour.  Of course working with this fascinating medium guarantees unique results every time anyway, but and to keep the inspiration fresh in my mind and the sense of that "first time" unique work I flipped the reference image and also added an additional pigment - burnt sienna.

Here is my initial study painting - colours tested were: Cobalt Turquoise light, Indanthrene Blue,
Indigo, Winsor Yellow and Permanent Rose



  1. Just stunning Lorraine! Your textures are great but the eyes really make the piece for me. :-)

    1. Thanks Sherry, I dont often like to paint something twice but this little guy was an exception

  2. Interesting composition and technique with the subject Lorraine especially as I have been thinking of tackling my monkey photos too. Yours are both fabulous. Isn't it wonderful how we can be so different with the same medium if we use imagination and different techniques. Love the icy blue textures. A favourite combo of mine too.

  3. Awesome Lorraine! I just love that sweet and intelligent face . Your study also is exceptionnal.with that blue color I'm crazy about. Hugs

  4. Beautiful job on this! I love the colors and the effects the salt gave you! His face is wonderful in the sketch and the final painting.

  5. Both touching watercolors, intense faces for these portraits full of strenght and sweetness.
    Have nice week,hugs,Rita.

  6. What a wonderful work Lorraine, just love the expression on the little fellows face, and you painted the eyes so well, totally got the humid look !

  7. I love the effect of the salt and how you used it to create his fur. Beautiful work on both watercolors, I especially love his expression and the contrast of light and dark.

  8. Those eyes are just amazing. And I love reading about your process, Lorraine.

  9. Both the study and the larger piece are amazing Lorraine. You have a fabulous and distinctive style! Really special!!


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