Friday, 3 July 2015

Combining Reference Images

A few years back we went on a river cruise from Budapest to Amsterdam.  I have a good file of professionally shot photos from this holiday as Ray, a fellow traveller kindly gave me a few hundred from the few thousand he took throughout the trip. His images have been shot at a standard I could not have done so I get the best of both here , memories of our holiday and photographed by someone who knows what he is doing.
One night some local entertainers came aboard our river boat and performed for us. I have used two of Rays images to create this work. Each entertainer had been photographed separately but together I had a my story to convey.

Voice and Violin
Watercolour on 425 gsm Saunders Waterford Medium
56cm x 43cm


  1. Wonderful job. I combined two photos to paint a portrait of a friend with here husband and their dog. It can make for an interesting painting for sure. Yours is lovely.

  2. Wow, great combining Lorraine! And wonderful figures! You captured the woman singing perfectly.

  3. Your figures are outstanding, Lorraine, and with your expertly applied technique, I can almost hear the music!

  4. Wowee this is excellent. I will look out for this couple when I do this cruise later in the year, but I won't be painting them. Brave you.

  5. Love the subject and the way you painted this. Great work on the eyes !

  6. It really tells a story, wonderful work on the figures and mood!!


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