Saturday, 29 August 2015

When an Image Coo's to You

When an image that's not yours calls to you or as in this case Cooing! to me, I find a way of making it uniquely mine knowing that other artists may also use the reference to create their art.
If you are a realist painter and paint exactly what you see and exact colours this might be hard to come up with something original but for artists like me who use expressive brush marks, texture and my own colour choices and not forgetting the fact that watercolour does some unique work all on its own, an Original piece of art is guaranteed. Thank you to Ruth Archer for sharing her fabulous image on Paint My Photo.

Pigeon Hole
31cm x 40cm

Monday, 24 August 2015

Pushing It Further when the Stakes are High

I have so many watercolour paintings that I am pleased with but I am starting to think at the finish of each, could I have pushed further?. For some I should have been more bold in colour or chosen a different palette and then for some I feel the need to just go for it even though I like the finished work . I am thinking well I have dozens of works I like so what do I have to lose but try pushing further.
The thing is though is to push further on works that are already OK rather than something that isn't because the stakes are high, the adrenalin works overtime and there is the thrill of the risk.

Remember When
Mixed Media on 425gsm Saunders Waterford CP
56cm x 42cm
Remember When was finished as a straight out watercolour of three seniors chatting. I was really pleased with my observation of their skin and think I did capture their story. It stayed overnight on my easel, already photographed as a finished piece but next day I thought it was just another people painting so what could I do to push more from it. I added vintage collage from a 1949 newspaper, a bus ticket and other old bits and then added darker colours and used a stencil to lift out pigment. Can you see the elephant stamp I added?. Now it really does tell a story.

Being happy with how it turned out I decided to un frame another people work - Voice and Violin and spice it up too. It hadn't got much response from studio visitors the past three weeks but after the changes I noticed people did look and comment on it.
Both works are now watercolour and collage so basically mixed media but I have so many dozens and dozens of pure watercolour that using additives gives me thrill and fun.
I can show the before and after on this work because luckily I kept the old image.

Voice and Violin
Mixed Media on 425gsm Saunders Waterford
56cm x 42cm

Monday, 17 August 2015

Shows and More Shows

Wow August is a long month with five weekends this year. Our big arts festival SALA is half way through, I have my animals paintings up at The Kensi Hotel and of course in my own little studio/gallery in Goolwa.
I have managed to paint during the weekends when my studio is open for visitors and am mostly happy with my paintings even though they were a very much stop and start process but it has been lovely talking to visitors and discussing my process with them.
At the end of the festival I will be choosing works for a solo exhibit at Bremerton Wines in Langhorne Creek where they will be from September 2nd to October 26th and I also have three paintings to be included in the Adelaide Art Society Winter exhibition which runs for three weekends finishing Sept. 13th.
I'm glad I have a big collection of framed works to go around.

That Time of  Day
28.5cm x 38cm
 on 300 gsm Saunders Waterford Paper

This little work is inspired by one of talented Ruth Archers photographs on Paint My Photo, I used artistic licence to add, subtract and pick my own colours but I really identified with this image. This is just how I feel by the end of most painting days around 3.30pm.

Monday, 10 August 2015

Tell a Story

Recently I found some faces for reference from Pixabay. My first intention was to paint this child's face in grey monochromatic values and tell the story in the background using colour.
I painted during my Open Studio event on Saturday and by the time 4 o'clock closing time had arrived I was just about finished. The little chap looked a bit ghost like left in grey so I stayed in the studio for another hour adding colour to his face too. The background is entirely from imagination and perfect for the title of the work.

Early Learning
Saunders Waterford Medium 300gsm
42cm x 32cm

Friday, 7 August 2015

SALA - a great start

28.5cm x 38cm on Saunders Waterford CP 300gsm
Wow its just one week into our big SALA Arts festival here with four more weekends of open studio to go. I had some lovely visitors last weekend and a painting of fresh berries now has a red sticker attached so that was good.

Last night was the opening of the exhibition at The Kensington Hotel where I have 8 of my animal works on show and three other artists have abstracts, portraits and photography. It was a fabulous opening and I came home thrilled with 3 sales - Zebra, Emu and Meerkats. Lovely comments from attendees so a really good night.

I took a day out on Tuesday to visit some other local SALA exhibits and other social events have kept me out of the studio practically all week. I have at last done a bit of pre drawing on two works that I can paint during this weekends open studio. Besties was painted last weekend in between talking with visitors.

8 works from my All Creatures Great and Small Collection on Show

Delighted with the opening at The Kensington Hotel