Monday, 24 August 2015

Pushing It Further when the Stakes are High

I have so many watercolour paintings that I am pleased with but I am starting to think at the finish of each, could I have pushed further?. For some I should have been more bold in colour or chosen a different palette and then for some I feel the need to just go for it even though I like the finished work . I am thinking well I have dozens of works I like so what do I have to lose but try pushing further.
The thing is though is to push further on works that are already OK rather than something that isn't because the stakes are high, the adrenalin works overtime and there is the thrill of the risk.

Remember When
Mixed Media on 425gsm Saunders Waterford CP
56cm x 42cm
Remember When was finished as a straight out watercolour of three seniors chatting. I was really pleased with my observation of their skin and think I did capture their story. It stayed overnight on my easel, already photographed as a finished piece but next day I thought it was just another people painting so what could I do to push more from it. I added vintage collage from a 1949 newspaper, a bus ticket and other old bits and then added darker colours and used a stencil to lift out pigment. Can you see the elephant stamp I added?. Now it really does tell a story.

Being happy with how it turned out I decided to un frame another people work - Voice and Violin and spice it up too. It hadn't got much response from studio visitors the past three weeks but after the changes I noticed people did look and comment on it.
Both works are now watercolour and collage so basically mixed media but I have so many dozens and dozens of pure watercolour that using additives gives me thrill and fun.
I can show the before and after on this work because luckily I kept the old image.

Voice and Violin
Mixed Media on 425gsm Saunders Waterford
56cm x 42cm


  1. Wow, Lorraine, what a risk to go for it and add some collage! It really works and adds so much interest to your Remember When piece and your Voice and Violin. Very inspiring!

  2. Really interesting post Lorraine. Thanks for sharing. I loved them before but yes you have added some lovely spice now which hopefully will widen your audience too. Best of Luck with them.

  3. Wow, Lorraine, your "after" painting really makes a HUGE difference! Great lessons here. Both paintings are wonderful.

  4. If you would have asked me before I would cringe at the thought,you are brave! Both paintings before were beautiful watercolor pieces but now they are off the charts! Like you said, they tell a story. Wonderful texture and creativity.

  5. The mixed media really gives these a different feel. Like Celia, I think you are brave to do this to finished pieces...but they really jazz them up. I've never tried adding mixed media to a finished piece, but you make me itch to try it. Thanks for showing us the before and after for the pieces too.


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