Monday, 17 August 2015

Shows and More Shows

Wow August is a long month with five weekends this year. Our big arts festival SALA is half way through, I have my animals paintings up at The Kensi Hotel and of course in my own little studio/gallery in Goolwa.
I have managed to paint during the weekends when my studio is open for visitors and am mostly happy with my paintings even though they were a very much stop and start process but it has been lovely talking to visitors and discussing my process with them.
At the end of the festival I will be choosing works for a solo exhibit at Bremerton Wines in Langhorne Creek where they will be from September 2nd to October 26th and I also have three paintings to be included in the Adelaide Art Society Winter exhibition which runs for three weekends finishing Sept. 13th.
I'm glad I have a big collection of framed works to go around.

That Time of  Day
28.5cm x 38cm
 on 300 gsm Saunders Waterford Paper

This little work is inspired by one of talented Ruth Archers photographs on Paint My Photo, I used artistic licence to add, subtract and pick my own colours but I really identified with this image. This is just how I feel by the end of most painting days around 3.30pm.


  1. Dear Lorraine, I love this work so much! Your paintings are full of love for people that tells who you are. Enjoy drawing! Best wishes, Sadami

    1. Thanks so much Sadami for your blog visit and taking the time to leave me such kind comments

  2. Love this touching and very emotional work!!
    I send you all my best wishes and thoughts, Lorraine.

    Hugs and a happy week for you.

  3. Wow, Lorraine, you are so busy! Love your take on Ruth's photo...very appropriate after reading about your month. Take care~

  4. A really touching work, Lorraine. Best wishes for all your shows!

  5. So busy! I don't know how you find the time to paint such lovely images, too. Wonderful. Wishing you all the best, Lorraine.

  6. It is a touching image and beautifully painted! Wishing you the best during this busy time!

  7. Oh, I love it!!! I think everyone can relate to that feeling. You are having quite a busy time. Good luck with all the shows.

  8. Very often how I feel too lol...Lovely painting :-)

  9. A terrific and interesting painting. Love the pattern on the dress next to the sold form of table and chairs.


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