Monday, 7 September 2015

Using Hot Press Paper

I have been experimenting with using Hot Press Paper. I mostly use Saunders Waterford or Arches in the cold or rough surface so this slick surface made a nice challenge.
These two birds are on  Arches 300gsm Hot Press. I like how vibrant the colours appear but its hard to be sure if its the surface alone, as I used some brighter pigments to my normal colour choices. I need more experiments.
I posted Mucky Duck on facebook on friday afternoon and received a phone call immediately asking to see it in the real in my studio on Saturday morning. I framed it up and so pleased to say it Sold - "quackest one ever"
Mucky Duck
28.5cm x 38cm

Much to See
Square 38cm


  1. As a hot press lover, I can tell you that for me it's the way to go. It is absorbent, but the paint moves easily, and small foibles can be easily rubbed out before and even after they set. Congratulations on the quick "quack" sale - but I can see why. Excellent job on both. Your art is really growing!!!

  2. Lorraine, your animals are always so good but I especially like your birds. What a great bonus with that ready buyer. Always a good thing if other people love your direction too.

  3. Love the texture in the feathers as well as the loose backgrounds. Glad Mucky Ducky found a new home.

  4. Gorgeous and colorful duck , no wonder it sold, so satifsying :-))

  5. Obviously it's not just the paper, but your skillful handling of the medium! I love both paintings, congratulations on the sale!

  6. I agree with Celia - it is not just the paper but the hand of the artist. I do understand how the paint reacts to hot press differently to CP but your choices of color and placement are joyful and appreciated. As the saying really know your stuff!
    Congratulations on the sale.


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