Saturday, 28 November 2015

With Inks

I started playing with pigment ink in Ultra Marine Blue and Crimson, lifting out quickly to leave some light for the birds and when it was dry I added watercolour to finish this work.

Pink or Blue
Mixed Watermedia
 425gsm Bright White Saunders Cold Press Paper
56cm x 38cm

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Poppies and the Blue Jug

Poppies and the Blue Jug
300gsm Hot Press Arches
56cm x 38cm

Not quite a still life because there was no studio set up.
A magazine photo showing a pot of colourful poppies provided the spark of inspiration.
I started with just a little drawing for the jug then filled it full of blooms one by one, straight in with paint, no drawing, with one bloom leading me where to put the next.
This is on a half sheet Arches Hot Press 300gsm paper which does curl up a lot when the painting is dry.  It feels so much thinner than the Cold Press which I never have any curling issues with. I will just press the back of the work to flatten it out.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Lovely Darks

I knew I wanted to create a painting when I first saw, some time ago, such a cute fox cub photo shared by Sheila Metcalf Dunn for artists to use for reference. I took my time in deciding how I would use it but Sunday was the day its turn had arrived. I wanted to use some colours for the darks that I have but not used very much. It was also a good opportunity to do some testing swatches of these providing me with useful information that I could add to the wash a week challenge blog too. This weekly challenge finishes at the end of the year and I have just 5 more posts to do. It has been an extra commitment in what has been my busiest year but I have discovered so much from experimenting and writing for the blog posts.

My rich darks are from Bloodstone Genuine, Perylene Maroon, Paynes Gray.

Triple Trouble
Saunders Waterford 425gsm Cold Press
Unframed size 56cm x 38cm

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Good Mud, Bad Mud

Good Mud - is painting mud because it fits your painting, beautifully painted mud.
Bad Mud -  yucky mud happens from trying to rescue a painting because it has something you love.
I hardly ever create yucky mud but this past week or so it has happened twice and both times it was not the subject but the background. In my classes I tell students its best to try and work on the background and the subject as a whole and if I did just this my two lots of mud would have been avoided. After spending many hours painting a beautiful subject and then deciding what to do with the background can be a challenge and if the background doesn't work out all the hours spent on the subject has been wasted.
I redeemed myself yesterday by repainting my 3 ducks, changing the composition too so it felt like a totally new work. This time I knew how I wanted to paint the ducks because I had three lovely ducks from the day before sitting before me in their really muddy background, so I started with the background. I added water around the ducks so no masking fluid was required. I added colours I would use in the subject to create texture. When this was about 70% done I started on the ducks, adding finishing touches to the background when they were finished.

Listen Up
Arches 300gsm Hot Press Paper
57cm x 35cm

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

More Bears

My Best Purple Lace
#2- series The 3 Bears
38cm square unframed

As mentioned in my last post I like to have three works of my new found muse under my belt before I call it a series. Here is number 2 and 3. I am enjoying taking my teddies out to my studio to be my models and have found ingenious ways of getting them to stay in position whilst I work.

The Three Tenors
#3 - series The 3 Bears
38cm square unframed

Sunday, 1 November 2015

New Series

I have mentioned before in older posts how I love to have a series of works on the go. This provides me with the comfort of knowing that subject mater is already settled and I can just get creative with making each work different. Past series have included Edibles, Pure Aussie Wool, Wine and Song, Infusions, Small but Big, Etudes and probably more I have forgotten about.
Today I share the very first in my latest muse - this new series is called "The 3 Bears"
I have a lovely collection of teddy bears which have been acquired over 20 years of travel.
I would buy one bear during each holiday, sometimes  this would take a lot of searching out as not every place had a specialty bear shop. This stopped a few years ago when I simply had no more space to have them and then of course my new love of art supplies took over.
Now they are coming in to their own being posed in little still life set ups, I have lots of ideas and each bear can be used just for shape or its colour and in different combinations so I have all the models I need and just require my imagination to do its thing.
I told my artist friend Susan about this yesterday and she said um! who do you think might be interested in these and I said ME. I paint for myself and for the joy each and every idea brings me. I never think of painting with someone elses likes in mind but I have to say how fortunate I am that many of my works do leave home as others also get a smile from what I paint.
As with every new series I like to get 3 paintings completed before I call it a series. I have two more finished, the second I like but the third I may tweak or redo before posting. Anyway you can expect to see a few more before this latest muse leaves me. I hope they make you smile too.

Sunday Best
Series -The 3 Bears
38cm square on Saunders Waterford 425gsm Hot Press Paper