Sunday, 1 November 2015

New Series

I have mentioned before in older posts how I love to have a series of works on the go. This provides me with the comfort of knowing that subject mater is already settled and I can just get creative with making each work different. Past series have included Edibles, Pure Aussie Wool, Wine and Song, Infusions, Small but Big, Etudes and probably more I have forgotten about.
Today I share the very first in my latest muse - this new series is called "The 3 Bears"
I have a lovely collection of teddy bears which have been acquired over 20 years of travel.
I would buy one bear during each holiday, sometimes  this would take a lot of searching out as not every place had a specialty bear shop. This stopped a few years ago when I simply had no more space to have them and then of course my new love of art supplies took over.
Now they are coming in to their own being posed in little still life set ups, I have lots of ideas and each bear can be used just for shape or its colour and in different combinations so I have all the models I need and just require my imagination to do its thing.
I told my artist friend Susan about this yesterday and she said um! who do you think might be interested in these and I said ME. I paint for myself and for the joy each and every idea brings me. I never think of painting with someone elses likes in mind but I have to say how fortunate I am that many of my works do leave home as others also get a smile from what I paint.
As with every new series I like to get 3 paintings completed before I call it a series. I have two more finished, the second I like but the third I may tweak or redo before posting. Anyway you can expect to see a few more before this latest muse leaves me. I hope they make you smile too.

Sunday Best
Series -The 3 Bears
38cm square on Saunders Waterford 425gsm Hot Press Paper


  1. So cute this family.
    You give me a smile in difficult time. I wish you any beautiful series that your muse inspires to your
    brilliant. creativity
    Warm hugs,Rita

  2. You're amazing Lorraine! Love your new teddy bear series already. Wish I had a "series" in my mind for future pieces..something to look forward to.

  3. These are so sweet, we are surely in for a lovely new series.

  4. Dear Lorraine these did make me smile. I so agree one needs to paint what they love and enjoy. Without passion art is just a technical skill much like a musician who doesn't feel the music. This is a sweet painting and I would be greatly surprised if it doesn't find a new home. Have a blessed day.


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