Friday, 22 January 2016

Mixing it Up

The past week I have really mixed it up in my studio. I am still experimenting with large scale abstracts and the biggest challenge to me is deciding when they are finished. I am also painting in pure watercolour for my "real" subjects and even painting these offers the chance to mix it up. Some subjects scream keep me loose and suggestive and others need a tighter approach.

In Training
56cm x 33cm unframed size
Lots of white paper left as I was drawn to the hard edge geometric shadow shapes

Three Amigos
56cm x 43cm unframed size
An opportunity to create an interesting loose and suggestive background 

Key Change
76cm x 56cm unframed size
These abstract works are keeping me amused for 2 to 3 days as I work
 with each step and using my imagination to lead me onto the next

Before unlocking my studio door I have spent some time early in the morning checking out FB, blogs and emails. I need to have this done before I start painting as we all know it can be all too consuming and there just is no room in my head for admin and painting at the same time. I have been very frustrated lately at how hard it is to make comments in blogger using my ipad which I use for my early morning ritual. I have now taken to trying again on my studio laptop which is also having trouble. Not sure what blogger are doing but when fellow artists blog posts wont open after I have tried a few times I have to just give up and get painting so I apologise if I am not getting to leave you a comment but I am looking. Hopefully it will get back to normal soon.

Monday, 18 January 2016

Brilliant Start to My Year

Gosh we have had so many very very hot days this Summer (and too many bushfires), this always happens when the biggest art show in South Australia is on. It takes a few hours to get around the entire exhibition of more than 1200 paintings and in the marquee there is sometimes not a lot of cool air. This exhibition by the Victor Harbor Rotary opened on Friday late afternoon with a private preview before opening to the public at 6.30. I was thrilled to receive two texts during the preview letting me know that two of my three entries had been sold and on the first full day, Saturday, my third entry had also sold.
Lucky for the exhibiting artists the heat does not deter attendees to this highly regarded art show which  2016 is its 37th and for me a brilliant one. Ian and I are off to see the exhibition this afternoon.

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Tour Down Under

This week I started a new 8 week course for students here in my studio. A challenge when half are new and half have been before. It keeps me on my toes as I prepare for each week mixing it up for those repeating but keeping content appropriate for the newies. I forgot how intense painting and talking for 3 hours can be and finished Tuesday fully drained.
I am keen to further explore my abstract work and this proves challenging when I am dibbing in and out of my more traditional watercolours for demos in my class and then have to get my head back into exploring mode. Challenges like this keep the edge to creating.

This week roads are getting blocked off, practising is going on as we have the Tour Down Under here next week. I used this as inspiration for another abstract in mixed media of watercolour and collage to create this work on a full sheet of Arches 300gsm Cold Press Paper. As I work to build a series of these mixed media I am using "keys" as the collection theme- can you spot the key in this one? (Right hand side, in between bike rider and light coloured wheel)

Key to Winning
Mixed Media 76cm x 56cm unframed size

Monday, 4 January 2016

Face Lift in 2016

No not me LOL, I have just spent 6 hours giving this blog a face lift. I chose bloggers dynamic template but after 5 hours of trying to get it to add essential elements, googling to find it had limitations I have reverted back to a simple design. I could have been painting for 6 hours instead of getting frustrated with blogger but its done now.

I am not one for making new year resolutions but I do set myself new goals and challenges in my art. This year one of those goals is to explore other media to use with my watercolours. I find it very useful to make me free up and be able to create a more abstract take on my chosen subject so in 2016 you will see posts showing my traditional watercolours and also a look into my abstract journey. For a long time now I have lost that anxious feeling of whether my painting is going to work and have become too comfortable, trying abstracts, well, that's a whole new ballgame. I envisage many will be binned but only after exhausting any experiment I can try.
I was thrilled with this first abstract on a full sheet of Arches Cold Press Paper . What followed were two for the bin but hey its only paint and paper.

Key of C
76cm x 56cm