Friday, 22 January 2016

Mixing it Up

The past week I have really mixed it up in my studio. I am still experimenting with large scale abstracts and the biggest challenge to me is deciding when they are finished. I am also painting in pure watercolour for my "real" subjects and even painting these offers the chance to mix it up. Some subjects scream keep me loose and suggestive and others need a tighter approach.

In Training
56cm x 33cm unframed size
Lots of white paper left as I was drawn to the hard edge geometric shadow shapes

Three Amigos
56cm x 43cm unframed size
An opportunity to create an interesting loose and suggestive background 

Key Change
76cm x 56cm unframed size
These abstract works are keeping me amused for 2 to 3 days as I work
 with each step and using my imagination to lead me onto the next

Before unlocking my studio door I have spent some time early in the morning checking out FB, blogs and emails. I need to have this done before I start painting as we all know it can be all too consuming and there just is no room in my head for admin and painting at the same time. I have been very frustrated lately at how hard it is to make comments in blogger using my ipad which I use for my early morning ritual. I have now taken to trying again on my studio laptop which is also having trouble. Not sure what blogger are doing but when fellow artists blog posts wont open after I have tried a few times I have to just give up and get painting so I apologise if I am not getting to leave you a comment but I am looking. Hopefully it will get back to normal soon.


  1. Inspiring to see your different projects and styles of painting Lorraine, all looking amazing. And teaching your class as well...whew!

  2. Three very different styles , but all really great. The little boy really speaks to me, so sweet , and beautiful colors .

  3. A great week for you creatively! I love all three! The abstract series is beautiful, the child is adorable and your expertise with animals really comes out in"Three Amigos."

  4. Your mixing it up looks so good Lorraine. I love your Key Change- beautiful. Congratulations too on your success at the art show. Looks like you are off to a brilliant start.

  5. I can so relate to this post Lorraine! Love all your pieces. It's so great that you're off to such a productive start to the new year!

  6. A wonderful start to your painting year - I especially love the 3 Amigos!

  7. I'm enjoying your paintings, as always, Lorraine. I have to tell you that I have problems with Blogger, too. It won't let me leave a reply when I use Firefox; only with IE. Frustrating.

  8. Lorraine, you have such a variety of different subjects!!! All of these are great, especially the 3 Amigos.

  9. I know this trouble very well ... !! But no worry, Lorraine ... I've always an eye on your and your fabulous art work.

    I love all 3 paintings,
    You're so wonderful creative, so full of positive energy and your paintings reflected this in a gorgeous way.

    xx, isabella


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