Thursday, 25 February 2016

Take a Gander

Its been nearly 3 weeks since my last post which I think is about the longest break on my blog. Its not because I have fallen in a heap this month quite the opposite. I have been under the pump keeping up with preparation and delivery of my weekly watercolour class, collecting from finished exhibitions, preparing for three imminent exhibitions and of course painting as much as I can.

To demonstrate how I paint a white subject in watercolour for my current class I chose an image of a Goose. I painted it in portrait style a week before having to demo to the class to make sure I had the feel right, choosing colours from my regular palette. During the class I painted another, changing the format to landscape and using only the colours that the students have in their palette. Its amazing how using the same reference over can always produce unique and exciting results purely by colour choice, brush marks, paper surface and background textures and the magic that only watercolour can do. I loved my "Take a Gander" but was equally delighted with the second one "Take Another Gander". Thought you might also like to see some of my students paintings from our "show and tell" on Tuesday.

Take a Gander
Unfamed size 38cm x 31cm
Arches 300gsm Hot Press Paper

Take Another Gander
Unframed size 28.5cm x 38cm
Arches 300gsm Cold Press Paper

Friday, 5 February 2016

Too Much for Me

I have been absent from my blog as life has thrown a lot into the past week or so. We lost a neighbour and friend very suddenly early this week, had news from a close family member that a cancer he had been clear of for nearly five years had returned, a dear friend battling cancer having one step forward and two steps back and too much other stuff for anyone to have in one week.
I have hidden whenever I can in my studio which is the one place I can forget anything in the real world outside the door and get lost in my painting.
Tuesday morning we had flooding here in Goolwa just in time for my watercolour class.My students had to struggle to get from their cars with all their painting gear but we were able to joke about how much we love lots of water when painting in watercolour!
I have had mixed success with my painting which is quite understandable given the weeks events and this morning after trying one last attempt to rescue a full page abstract that had already taken two days I cut out the bits that worked and then tossed the rest in the bin. Today I am painting something more traditional and fingers crossed it wont end in the bin.

Here is another abstract that I finished last week - it forms part of my "Keys" series. Its mixed media on a full watercolour Arches 300gsm Cold Press Sheet 76cm x 56cm

Keyed Alike