Friday, 8 April 2016

Feeling back in the Swing

Before We Fade
Hot press 425gsm Saunders Waterford
76cm x 56cm

At last I can say I am feeling back in the swing of painting. Having my recent birthday and then Easter break has taken longer to get over than I could possibly have imagined but it was a wonderful time but I am so pleased to get back my usual routine.
Today I am sharing some of the "get back to it" paintings.
The first is a full page (76cm x 56cm) still life of the last of my birthday flowers. They were ready to toss out so I took
them out to the studio and set them in front of me on my first day back to painting. No drawing, heavy colour, lots of water, a perfect choice to be free and use big brushes and not be precious. Whether it is liked or not this painting gave me my confidence back which is something that is so very important when you paint intuitively.

I am also showing you some of my experiments with "scapes". These start without a drawing, adding colour and texture, waiting for them to dry and then seeing if they can be resolved into anything. I am going to work on a lot of these over the next period of time with the view of ending with some special ones worthy of exhibiting.


  1. These are such gorgeous "back in the mood" paintings, Lorraine. Especially your experimental one catch my interest. And your Bouquet is such a lovely memories of beauties.

    send you hugs

  2. Beautiful paintings,Lorraine!!The break did you great! I love your bouquet,wonderful burst of energy! Your landscapes are a fabulous mix of the abstract/organic and expression. I can't wait to see more of them!!

  3. Lorraine these are all fantastic. Particularly like the flowers. Weird as it may be coming from me but I like the elements of realism you achieved in there and we both know that realism done well is not easy to achieve. It is all a fabulous body of work.

  4. I just love your birthday flowers Lorraine! And wonderful "scape" experiments!

  5. I love the flowers!!! Good job on the "scapes." I like the abstracted look...almost like a collage.

  6. Estupendas las texturas conseguidas.Todas las acuarelas me resultan interesantes, el color y la transparencia, ¡Enhorabuena!

  7. I am loving your experiments - keep having fun and sharing

  8. Dear Lorraine - so glad to see you are back in the swing of things with your lovely painting and experiments. Will be looking forward to seeing more of those landscapes. Hope you have a super week.


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