Friday, 19 August 2016

Worth the Wait

A Hint of Spring
56cm x 43cm on Saunders Waterford CP 425gsm

I am not a painter who easily works on more than watercolour at a time as I seem to become so engaged with my subject matter that I can think of little else until I finish my painting. This week I have been tempted to start something else as my work on the easel of blossom was becoming a marathon to resolve. I am glad I remained focused on the one work as it took all my imagination and techniques to complete my watercolour early this morning. It was worth the wait.
I had been working on photographs to show me the blossom and even though I have seen many of our trees coming into blossom as I am out and about I no longer have our plum tree for real life inspiration as it grew too big for our garden.
I spent time doing a quick small painting testing out my colours so had really prepared well.
After about 4 sessions this week I was not really getting anywhere. The turning point came about this morning when  I brought a small piece of a branch into my studio that I snipped from a tree, found on the side of the road yesterday, it gave me a real life connection to the blossom and this made all the difference and I was able complete the painting.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Days of Variety

Some of my exhibition at Mt. Jagged Wines
The last week or so in my studio has been filled with so much variety.
Our SALA festival is on this month so my studio is open to the public some days but I still paint whilst visitors look and I stop and answer their questions or give a demo as I explain something.
I had the opening of my exhibition at Mt. Jagged Wines on Sunday afternoon  and was thrilled that a floral painting was sold as I nearly always agonise over my decision on what to include in a show but I know that we all like something different so there is no knowing what subject could be a favourite.
Hide and Seek

I have also painted some new work ready for upcoming exhibitions and tweaked some paintings that I had framed but decided my 2016 techniques and style could enhance them. One of these sold on my first open studio day so I was pleased I took the plunge to add to what I already thought was fine.


Contemplating - Sold
Lemon Fresh

Lemon Drops

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

SALA Festival

August is here and so is SALA. This is an arts festival thats runs for the month of August each year and more than 4000 artists exhibit in hundreds of venues across South Australia. Venues include more than galleries as hotels, cafes, restaurants, banks, surgeries to mention a few offer their venue for artists. Many artists also open their own studios.
This Sala I am exhibiting at Mt. Jagged Wines at Mt. Compass as well as having my own studio open. I am going to do two Saturday demos at the winery too.