Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Emotions Run High

I am usually on a creative high when I am painting but never so emotionally charged as I was with painting this weekend.
When I was 21 (gosh such a very long time ago), I had a beautiful Old English Sheepdog we named Trinity. I remember picking him up when he was ready to leave his Mum at 8 weeks, taking a cardboard box with me so he could travel in the car safely home, only to find it was about 10 sizes too small!. We lost our beautiful dog when he was just 2 years old after he died under anaesthetic at the vets as they were taking out a grass seed from his leg.  I was devastated.
We don't see this breed of dog here very much at all but to my surprise in a home just along from us on the river , every now and then I saw 2, one wearing blue, one wearing pink in their hair. Their owners only come down here for weekends every now and then so on Friday when I saw activity there I knocked on the door to ask to take some photos. On Saturday I returned with my camera and had the most amazing, emotionally charged photo shoot. I was literally bowled over on occasion by 2 year old Prince and 16 week Teddy (a third the female didn't come down this time) I am not the bravest person with animals but I was totally at ease and couldn't contain my enthusiasm. On returning to my studio I looked at the images on Saturday afternoon and thought how am I going to paint such a big ball of fluff. On Sunday I set to to capture Prince and I was so pleased it came together perfectly.
After emailing the doggies owners on Monday morning they said "Wow" can we buy it.

Prince - A weekend at the River

Prince 2 years old

Teddy 16 weeks old

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Christmas Giveaway

I am very grateful for the support I receive when I share my art so I am having a thank you giveaway this Christmas.
It is open to all subscribers to my monthly Studio Newsletter.
Some of my blogging friends and followers already subscribe but for those of you who haven't signed up but would like to be in the draw to win an Original Watercolour please use my newsletter link here and sign up before the draw which takes place on December 20th at 9am South Australian time.
The winner chosen randomly from my subscription list will be contacted by email to choose from one of the six paintings. I have included some older work, some very new.
The Giveaway is for an unframed painting, matted and measures 49cm x 40cm ready to frame and postage worldwide.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Make it your Own

As artists we are open to inspiration at every turn.  We are very lucky to have so many generous photographers who enjoy sharing their images for artists to use for reference and I am sometimes compelled to use a photo shared by someone else as it has something so special it resonates too strong with me to pass up the chance to create from it. I am though, always mindful that for me it is the spark, the reference but not the painting. I make it my own with my composition, colour choice, texture etc. Thank you to John Frost for his wonderful owl in flight photo.

Time to Tell
425gsm Saunders Waterford Hot Press 38cm x 28.5cm