Saturday, 6 May 2017


Using new colour combinations for favourite subjects is a way of creating something new and original even if you are using the same reference over and over.
Unframed size 43cm x 32cm
In week 4 of my current class the subject was painting black and white and for the white I gave everyone the same reference photo of a goose. I have painted this as a demo twice before back in 2016 but this time as I was about to start my demo one of my students ask that I use the two interesting colours she spotted on my palette and my thoughts were "maybe" this might work.
Cascade Green and Quinacridone Lilac both by Daniel Smith
I tested the new shade Quinacridone Lilac in a recent blog post here and really liked the colour. It is PR122 which is also sold by Winsor Newton as Quinacridone Magenta.
Together these two shades produce a beautiful soft neutral and I enjoyed creating an original work of my goose and know that I will enjoy using this combination again.

 Same Subject Painted in 2016

Take a Gander

Take Another Gander