Monday, 20 November 2017

A Great Image

Taking a good reference image makes painting easier but having a great image offers so much more.
When the composition has that something special you know it will come out to be painted more than once.
Last year whilst on holiday in Tuscany my husband took some images of colourful umbrellas and a powerful composition has waited for me to paint it.
After attending a Paul Jackson workshop last month where I was reintroduced to the patience of painting in many many layers I knew this method would be great for the umbrellas.
I have now used this image twice in one month, changing the colours, changing the paper size etc. I know this image will provide several more options each creating a unique work.

Come Rain or Shine
56cm x 38cm
Pretty much the colours and design of the original reference

Let it Rain
38cm x 38cm
A square format and a limited palette

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Black and White

Yesterday was week 4 for students in my 6 week foundation course and our main focus was painting black and white. I show how to mix interesting blacks on the paper rather than a flat mix in the palette and of course how we don't use white but retain the clean white of the paper for our whites.
Our Australian Magpie is a perfect subject for black and white. After class I added some colour for a simple background.
At the end of our morning class there was time for a quick 30 minute demo. With just three little pencil marks for the eyes and placement of the nostril this powerful Jaguar started to magically race towards me on the paper.  I was able to show how to have black spots and marks look part of the fur by painting them first and then adding orange and grey colours on top. This ensures some of them fuse a bit and a more natural look is achieved.
This demo was one of those magic moments in the studio, it seemed little effort but its results like this that shows just how magical this medium is. It doesn't always have to take days to paint but of course you have to know when to stop. Lucky for me my 30 minutes were up.

Unframed size 38cm x 28.5cm
Saunders Waterford 425gsm Hot Press Paper

100 km/h
Unframed size 56cm x 38cm
Saunders Waterford  300gsm Cold Press Paper