A Great Image

Taking a good reference image makes painting easier but having a great image offers so much more.
When the composition has that something special you know it will come out to be painted more than once.
Last year whilst on holiday in Tuscany my husband took some images of colourful umbrellas and a powerful composition has waited for me to paint it.
After attending a Paul Jackson workshop last month where I was reintroduced to the patience of painting in many many layers I knew this method would be great for the umbrellas.
I have now used this image twice in one month, changing the colours, changing the paper size etc. I know this image will provide several more options each creating a unique work.

Come Rain or Shine
56cm x 38cm
Pretty much the colours and design of the original reference

Let it Rain
38cm x 38cm
A square format and a limited palette


  1. Gorgeous, Lorraine! What a great subject, great composition, and masterful paintings!

  2. Wonderful Lorraine! Your different ways of working always turn out beautifully!

  3. Fabulous work and love the composition!

  4. Lorraine - both of these are awesome. They jump off the page. Thanks for sharing. Hope your day is good.

  5. Yes, I can see this one becoming many paintings in the future - and you can change up the colors any way you want. Beautiful - I do like the play of blue and orange in the top one a lot.

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