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Here we are more than half way through the year and this is my first blog post. No I haven't given up on my art, to the contrary I'm as passionate about it as ever but a lot has happened since my end of year Christmas post and something had to give.
We listed our house for sale around Christmas time and so January and February were taken up with the selling process. We packed up our home in mid February and relocated back to the city to be close to our beautiful family. 
My studio/gallery on the river had been my sanctuary for the past four years and I did wonder how I would cope without it but manage I have. My new studio is quite large enough for me to paint and house all my supplies but I no longer have a visitors gallery. Exhibiting opportunities abound so its easy to get my watercolours out and about. 
It has taken the past four months to finally settle in our new city abode. So much change since we last lived here more than a decade ago. Our home was a new build so it also required tweaking with blinds, garden etc. and I am pleased to call it done! Now the only interruption to my studio practice is of the nice kind, seeing more of the family with our gran children and getting out and about. 
I am surprised with all this disruption I have still managed to paint quite a lot of new works.
I look forward to adding regularly to my blog with step by step, experiments and more. I hope to reconnect with so many of you who have shared our arty world through blogging.
Finished yesterday and a timely celebration of Almond Blossom as our state has this weekend the Almond Blossom Festival. 

I didn't photograph this for a step by step but my process was:
Use a selection of blossom images
No drawing required
Leave plenty of white space for the blooms on 1/2 sheet Saunders Waterford CP 300gsm
A little bit of masking used for stamens so I could add dark behind
Dampen areas and drop in French Ultra Marine Blue for a brilliant blue sky colour
Add touches of green gold (Daniel Smith) in the background
Decide on a main blossom in a good position 
Add colour for centres, magenta, winsor yellow, permanent rose
Using mixes with the colours above add stems and branches
Remove masking

The Blossom Beckons


  1. I am so pleased that you have settled in to your new home and have time to paint and blog now. I am still learning the art of watercolour and will enjoy practicing your almond blossoms.

  2. Welcome back! So glad you are adjusting to your new space and studio. I, too, have taken a month off for July and will return with things in August. It’s not that I’m not painting, but things have slowed down and other things get in the way during the summer.

  3. Welcome back Lorraine. So happy to see you posting once again. Wow lots ifchanges happening for you. The Blossom Beckons is so lovely. I especially enjoy seeing your a great touch to this beautiful painting.

  4. Lovely bright color. And thank you for your methodology ... I hope to give it a try

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