The Apple Isle

This months Virtual Paintout location where we use google street view to tour the world is none other than close to home - good old Tasmania. I have toured Tasmania twice and both times enjoyed the beautiful scenery, wonderful food and its wealth of history. 
As you all know by now my art, 99% of the time, is floral themed and what better subject to choose this time but Apples asTassie is widely referred to as the Apple Isle. 
Using Google street view I found in Sassafrass apple orchards for my painting - I then freely created a composition, again no pre drawing, just using paint directly in my organic style . The texture for the background and leaves came from using cling film and salt.
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Organic Grown

A Tassie Creek
This is another Tasmania street view painting - from a location on the Arthur Highway Sorell, this is done with watercolour but on a plastic type product called Yupo. It was very interesting to use for the first time as the paint does not soak in but dries on the top and until it does it slides all over the place, the colours remain very vibrant because they are sitting only on the surface!