TheThree P's

Pears, Penguins and Promotion
An unusual trio, but as I mentioned in my last blog post I did have plans in my head for what I would paint but my Tree Peony bunch would not survive whilst I painted my choices but the lovely bunch is long gone and the paintings completed so here are two of the subjects I had planned last week.

Home Grown
SOLD11"x 14"
before matting and framing

The Pears are also my contribution to Virtual Paintout this month. The location is Croatia and I took some time on google street view locating some inspiration and I did in fact do a sea and boat scene but in the end I was a bit disappointed with it so I walked around some more and found in a place called Kuce in Zagreb County some nice homes and gardens and this one with some pear trees. Here is my map view if you would like to see for yourself. 
I chose a really loose style for my pears and the background colours of indigo and quinacridone gold when I left them alone merged and gave me some interesting fusion of colour and texture indicating the foliage deep in the tree allowing the viewer to imagine the individual leaves within.

One Fine Day
22" x 8"
before matting and framing
The Penguins I have been wanting to find a subject that I could use to experiment on a different size work and I saw an advert in a travel brochure for Antarctica and thought yes -  Emperor Penguins will give me that chance to do some distance perspective with this wide format. I much prefer to have some connection with my subjects but with this one this will never happen ( could never see Ian and myself rugging up for a holiday to Antarctica!!) so to me blending traditional art with the technology of the internet where there is no shortage of research material makes the impossible subjects possible!

and the last of The Three P'S
The Promotion
Off the Slate Gallery will be hanging a whole new exhibition in one weeks time. The new exhibition called Through the Looking Glass will feature glass artist Muriel Birkill and all painting artists will have new works hung. I am presently making my final choices of works for delivery next Sunday and the new exhibition opens on Wednesday October 31st. Find out more on their website which will feature Muriel when the new exhibition details are loaded in the next few days.

Also coming up soon Art@Goolwa will be presenting Summer Magic a new exhibition with an official opening on Sunday 18 November at 2pm. I have just another two weeks to finalise my choices for this one too so a busy time ahead


  1. The 3 P's appear "perfect" to me, Lorraine. Best of luck at the show.


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