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As I mentioned many times we live in such a paradise of a place and our life is filled with natures beauty all around but sometimes I must admit I do forget this and complain about some silly little aspect such as noisy "Corellas". When we moved into our river front home nearly four years ago we had quite a few feral pine like trees along the edge of the river and a gigantic one outside our side bedroom window. The council when wishing to upgrade the bike track along the rivers edge removed a little while back all the ugly specimens on their verge but our huge tree remained. This we do not mind as it gives us some shade on the hot mornings and the tree is in very good condition but it certainly produces enticing cones for the Corellas to feast on. When the cones are green and juicy in come dozens and dozens of these lovely white birds but boy do they know how to make a racket and why do they have to have their breakfast so early!
I used a background that I had painted more than a week ago and put aside not knowing then what I would use it for. I was once again lucky to have some areas where the white of the paper remained. The idea for painting the Corellas popped out of my head and happily landed on the paper!

Noisy Feasting
Unframed size 28.5cm x 38cm


  1. gorgeous painting - and how lovely to have these birds in your garden!

  2. Thanks Sharon, you must have been up late to see this post so soon, appreciate your comment seeing as you capture birds so beautifully in your art.

  3. Hello Loraine:) I wish I had these beautiful noise makers in my garden. Lovely painted!

  4. Yes Renate best to put up with their noise and be able to see them so easily, thanks for nice comment too on my painting

  5. LOL , love your noisy Corellas, you made a beautiful painting !

    1. Jane thanks for popping by and leaving your nice comment


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