Bump in the Night

Painted for a facebook them event this Saturday -"things that go bump in the night".
My immediate reaction when I read this was "Possums". I am lucky that where we have lived for the past 6 years we have not had any on or in our roof but previous homes especially in leafy tree areas we had our share. They sleep all day and then come out to play at night!
I once saw one the size of a cat get into a hole the size of an egg!
We go Bump! in the night
425gsm Saunders Waterford Paper 28.5cm x 38cm


  1. Hi Lorraine! I love YOUR possums but really don't like the ones we have hanging around at night here. :-)

  2. You've got these little rascals beautifully! We had them at the farm, they sounded like a battalion of soldiers galloping across the tin roof! Pretty cute all the same! xx

  3. Your possums are great, but that background is fabulous. I guess I'm lucky here, we only seem to have cats or raccoons that venture out at night to disturb us. I can just imagine the noises that they make on the roof at night. Nice!

  4. A great choice for this challenge Lorraine, they look so sweet and the background is awesome . I'm glad we don't have them around here though !

  5. You picked a perfect subject for the theme, Lorraine. I just love how the background is the perfect foil to their astounding faces, and the trees they're playing in.

  6. They drive you crazy with their scratching noises too! Perfect choice, beautiful work with the watercolor and art but they look menacing to me!

  7. Cute... or is 'spooky' the right word for you? lol Love the background textures especially the thin dark branches that do give that spooky feel. Colour choice is fab too for this theme. Lovely work.


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