My steps for A Toddlers Delight

A Toddlers Delight
56cm x 43cm unframed size
I had a reference photo on file (from Pixabay) from last year of a toddler with just one dandelion. I wanted to paint only monochromatic for the child and use colour just for her muse as I have already created a few this way for my series called "Precious Littlies"
My steps:
  • I started with the a drawing of the girl on plain paper scaling up to my required size, no drawing for the flowers. This way all the corrections and rubbing out is on the sketch paper and the watercolour paper is kept pristine. I like to paint without drawing when I can but when something has to be more real I do the minimal amount of drawing to help me with accuracy. Basically just the outline shape and placement of the eyes, nose and mouth.
    When I was happy with the drawing I transferred it to my watercolour paper using a light box, I use a very light touch just enough to give me a guide. Before I start painting I ran a kneaded rubber over my drawing to lighten it even more. 
  • Knowing how I wanted the paint the flowers using the experience from my recent dandelion commission I first completed all three flowers - a simple palette of French Ultra Marine Blue, Burnt Sienna, Green Gold.
  • Time now spent on painting the toddler using just two colours for my grey, French Ultra Marine Blue and Burnt Sienna. Using these two gives variety and texture because of their granulation and this helps me render some form.
  • I spattered lightly to balance the bottom right
  •  Paper - Saunders Waterford 425gsm Hot Press, Pigments - all Winsor & Newton French Ultra Marine Blue,Green Gold and Burnt Sienna


  1. Super to hear how you created this and the thoughts behind it...

  2. Lots of character in this piece Lorraine! And thanks for your steps and colors. Nice series!

  3. You monochrome paintings are so effective, Lorraine! Thanks for sharing your process.

  4. Dear Lorraine - this is truly wonderful. I am so glad you shared your process as well. Thank you. Have a blessed day.

  5. Love the monochromatic look! She is so cute with her cheeks puffed up for blowing on the dandelion.

  6. This is a lovely painting using restricted colours. Thank you for sharing your method too

  7. Wonderful work,great addition to your series!

  8. I must admit I did wonder how you were achieving these gorgeous complex ones knowing you normally don't draw too much on the paper. Thanks for sharing.


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