Revisit and Tweak

I am presently painting new work but also revisiting watercolours that are stored away in my file drawer. They are there and not binned because I liked them when finished but for some reason they never made it to a frame. I may not have seen back then that they needed something extra but with a fresh look and more brush mile experience some of these works can be tweaked and made special enough to frame. You have to be prepared to try additional work without fear, knowing that if it doesn't work they will head for the bin but its from the tweaking process that much is learnt. Here are a couple of florals that are now framed ready to show.

A Dozen in Pink

All about the Blossom

The before's

                             Filed away in 2013    
Filed away in 2014


  1. It would have been a pity to have these two end up in the bin, really like both of them , wonderful work .

  2. Beautiful pieces and vision Lorraine! It's always the values needing a tweak it seems.

  3. Love that expression; "brush mile experience"!! I've got a long road to go yet!

  4. Dear Lorraine these are both lovely. "A Dozen in Pink" really came forward with the sharks being added around the tulips. So beautiful. Also All About the Blossom is gorgeous. You have inspired me to take a fresh look at some of my unfinished paintings. Have a great weekend. Hugs!

  5. I'm glad you showed the original look so we could see the change you made. They look great!

  6. me gustan mucho estas acuarelas, yo estoy empezando a dibujar y me gusta mucho el mundo de la acuarela, seguire viendo tu blog, un saludo


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