Finding time to just play is not so easy when exhibition commitments mean studio time is taken up with more serious work so a purchase of new arty stuff I made whilst on holiday interstate back in March has been left mostly untouched.
This weekend however I had playtime so I had fun testing some of my purchases.

These are water soluble graphite blocks by Art Graf
Wet into Wet, drawn lines on dry paper, and used on the side for bigger shapes

I love to play with adding other water media with my watercolours, some work really well first time and others take some getting used to. These tailor shape blocks can be used dry on dry and then have water added or be used like pigment or ink and added to a wet area. This is how I used them in my play. I loved how they took off when they touched the water on my paper.
They can be washed away but will leave a but if a murky residual so they would not suit if a botanical, neat as a pin result was required.
With French Ultra Marine and Burnt Sienna watercolour added

They suited me just fine to create this abstracted work of Pink Magnolia at the end of winter patiently waiting for spring so their bare branches would give way to new lovely green leaves.

When Winter Ends
Watercolour and Graphite
unframed size 56cm x 38cm


  1. Wow, love the way you used the new blocks Lorraine! Those pink magnolias are so inspiring.

  2. So many new toys for our watermedia art! Thanks for sharing this.

  3. These look like fun Lorraine. Love the painting "When Winter Ends". Hugs


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