Monday, 4 June 2012

What an Opening!

Wow, ART@GOOLWA Inc launched yesterday at 2pm with more than 250 people attending and the crowd spilled out onto the lawn. 
We had a hugely successful afternoon with many art pieces sold.
I am pleased to say that a Doctor purchased my Fish painting "School's Out" because she said it looked so much like the sea below when she scuba dives and she loved the loose way I use watercolours.

Now the Gallery has been launched I can get back to concentrating on my own artwork. I usually paint everyday and during the last few weeks I have gone far too long without having the time to do this.

Iconic Landscape

I did paint this loose landscape last week using in fact a surprise reference in that a garden about a 1km down the road from us on the river had successfully grown some Sturt Desert Pea and this caused some fellow artists to ring me and suggest I paint them. I have put them into a more expected landscape scene but have used my loose technique in my application.